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The devil has an influence, and the Ruler has a sword. -HAJJAJ bin yusuf episode 1 I am here amongst you again, with a different face and a different attitude. ” Who’s that stranger? And what’s he doing here? Go and surround him. Go on, hurry. You won’t catch up with it, so let it go. – Why did you do that? – Because you are drinking from Huthail’s water. I’m just a wayfarer who stopped to drink and give water to his horse. How could you deny water to a thirsty man?

We can, if he’s a stranger. So, who are you? I am Al-Hajjaj bin Yusuf Al-Thaqafi. Woe betide you! You’re adding insult to injury by associating yourself with that tribe. By God, I will fight any Thaqafi I meet, and I won’t leave you before I kill you. I’m unarmed, unless you have no problem killing an unarmed man. What do you do? If you do anything that is. I teach the Quran.

So, you are the boys’ teacher in Ta’ef? – Yes, I am. – And where were you going? I was going to Makkah, but I’m turning around. Why would a boys’ teacher go from Thaqif go to Makkah? To hear what they say there about his tribe? – What do they say? – hajjaj bin yusuf episode 1 Haven’t you heard, how the Emir of The Believers Abdullah bin Al-Zubair described you as the contemptuous, the grandchildren of the wicked, the black skinned, and the last descendants of Thamoud?

Is that what they say about us in Makkah? Is it true you’re the last descendants of the perished people of Thamoud? And that your grandfather was a slave who ran away from his master and became a guide that led Abraha Al-Ashram and the Abyssinians when they came to demolish the Ka’ba, but died on the way there? hajjaj bin yusuf episode 1 Is that what they talk about in Makkah? Among other things.

Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 1

You are just a descendent of that slave. The sword is for freemen, while the whip is for the slaves. Hajjaj. – Kulaib. – I don’t want to talk to anyone now. Please, Father. Doesn’t the Emir of the Believers Ibn Al-Zubair know about this? It’s a trivial matter, Hajjaj bin yusuf episode 1 there’s no need to inform him about him. I will send some soldiers with you to help you get back what is yours. I’m not after getting my horse back, Ibn Safwan. I just want punishment for the man who dared come to our water and then stole my horse. Don’t worry. You go now. Calm down, Hajjaj. There’s a fire raging inside me that I can’t put out. Is this what they say in Makkah? Kulaib. I don’t think that Abdullah bin Al-Zubair would say that.

– Where are you going? – I’m going our into the darkness, – perhaps it could… – You’d better go to sleep, Hajjaj, so you may forget all about it come morning. Is that what you think, Father? Haven’t you slept, yet? hajjaj bin yusuf episode 1 You have been standing out in this darkness for so long, so I waited for you to come in. Are you worried about something? Yes, Abdullah, how you’ve been for a while now. What is wrong with me? Don’t try to hide it from me, Abdullah. I’m your mother and I know you better than anyone else. I may not see with my poor eyesight what shows on your face, but I can see deep into your soul with my insight, and what I see there terrifies me. Your long periods of solitude.

It’s not solitude, Mother, I’m standing before God Almighty. And what about the people who pledged allegiance to you as Caliph? They are the reason why I worry and why I can’t sleep at night. Then, you should not be away from them as you have been doing lately. Take this, Hassan. Recite to your brothers the Sura of “Fatir”, and then I will explain to you what you can’t understand. I seek refuge with God from the devil,

In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Praise be to God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. who appointed the angels messengers having wings: two, three and four. He adds to His creation as He pleases. For God has power over all things. God almighty speaks the truth. What’s the matter, Master? Leave now and come back tomorrow. Hajjaj, son of Yusuf from the tribe of Thaqif, come out. Who are you? And what do you want? We are the soldiers of the Caliph, Ibn Al-Zubair. Is this horse yours?

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It belongs to the person standing beside it. So, you admit to stealing it. I admit that it’s not mine, but I do not admit to stealing it. Didn’t that boy tell you how that horse came into my possession? He did, he said you stole his horse. No, I exchanged my horse with his to reach my home, and I did. Here’s the horse, you can take it. You are lying. Woe betide you! Call me anything but a liar! How dare you? We will be back, and you know the punishment of a thief, boys’ teacher. Let’s go. Ibn Safwan, there are many matters on our minds and you’re talking to me about these trifles? What’s the importance of a quarrel among young men of Thuhal and a boys’ teacher of Thaqif in the situation we are in? http://Pakurdo.com

This matter has brought to my attention something more important, My Lord. What would that be? There is no single man from Thaqif in your army or at your court. Nor do you have any supporters among them. They have isolated themselves in Ta’ef,hajjaj bin yusuf episode 1 and they don’t care about all that’s happening. I’m fine with that as long as they do not support our enemies. I don’t trust them. The Prophet peace be upon him said: “From the tribe of Thaqif, a liar and a transgressor shall emerge.” Ibn Safwan, forget about that. If I were right, then the liar is Al-Mukhtar Al-Thaqafi, and we know him.

And my brother Mus’ab in Iraq will deal with him. So, forget about this boys’ teacher; as we have no reason to worry about him. Do you have any news from Iraq? Kulaib. Would you leave your land because of a passing dispute? No, because there’s no room for me anymore in this land, it is suffocating me. What about teaching children? You like doing that. I used to, but I’m too angry and spiteful now, which does not fit with my work. Teaching the Quran requires purity of the soul, and my soul has become turbid, and it has been defiled with things whose effects on me I can’t guarantee, nor can I guarantee how they would affect others. So, I’d rather leave. – Where to? – I’ll keep the answer until I reach my destination. Only then, will you know. I don’t know what to say, and if I say something, I do not think you will obey it.

No, Father. I won’t obey anything that keeps me from going through with what I intend to do. What’s inside of me is stronger than any words. I will go for a while. Talk to him Mohammed. Don’t say anything, Mohammed. Don’t say anything. We’ve become so humiliated, that the boys of Makkah dared to insult us and we were lashed by the whips of Ibn Al-Zubair! The situation now is different from what you say. Follow me. Why are you here? Because of what we heard. hajjaj bin yusuf episode 1 What did you hear? That you are leaving us. I’m not leaving you. A part of you will always stay with me. You are leaving us and leaving Ta’if. It feels like I’m leaving a part of my soul in here. Do stay, then.

Wasn’t I harsh and tough on you? – You were. – Then, why are you clinging to me? Isn’t a father tough and harsh on his children, to raise them well and make them grow into good men? Yet, he loves them and they love him. So, stay and teach us. You will find someone better than me.hajjaj bin yusuf episode 1 As for me, I can’t bear to stay here any longer. Where to? I’m going to search for myself until I find it. – It is here. – No. It has left me to a place I don’t know, and I’m going after it. Go on, get back to what you were doing. – We want to bid you farewell. – Go away. You have laid a burden on my chest heavier than anything I’ve ever experienced.

I cannot bear bidding you farewell. Off you go. My eyes have never welled with tears before, and they never will. Repeat what you said, Ibn Safwan. This is the news brought from Syria, My Lord. I told it to you as I heard it. No good news has ever come from Syria before, so say it again. It is about what happened between Abdul Malek bin Marwan and Omar bin Sa’eed bin Al-As. May the power of all arrogant tyrants perish. This has created chaos all over Syria, hajjaj bin yusuf episode 1 My Lord.

Syria and its people have nothing to do with what’s happening between the Umayyads. They will eliminate each other in their feverish pursuit of power and their conflict over it. They are nothing but doomed extorters. But tell me, how did it happen? As you heard, My Lord, Abdul Malek intended to march with his army towards Iraq. To fight my brother, Mus’ab.

Then, he made Amro bin Sa’eed bin Al-As his deputy and entrusted him with this matter in Syria, while he was away. I wish that he had left and never came back, with God’s will. But he did not go, My Lord. For as soon as he had left Syria with his army, his spies caught up with him to tell him that Amro bin Sa’eed bin Al-As had revolted against him, and sparked an unrest to assume the Caliphate and take over power. I almost wish he had done that, but I don’t know which of them is worse than the other. Had he been more patient with Abdul Malek, he would have succeeded. But Abdul Malek returned to Syria with his army, crushed Amro’s revolt, and arrested him.

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