Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 4 in Urdu Subtitles

Is this the head of Al-Mukhtar Ibn Abi Obaid Al-Thaqafi? The blood has clotted and thickened, and the skin cracked with the heat. He still retains his cruel demeanor, even after his death. Take it away, I can’t stand seeing these staring eyes. – There is another thing, My Lord. – What is it? The two wives of Al-Mukhtar were among the captives of Emir Mus’ab. One of them described Al-Mukhtar as a liar and was released, while the other praised him, so she was imprisoned. Lord Mus’ab is awaiting your permission to kill her. May God help us. The issue of Al-Zubair’s sons has become simple. Yes, My Lord, it’s quite simple now. But the issue of the Romans is getting more serious. Messengers in the north are reporting dangers that threat our lands, which we did not account for. What news did you receive and hesitated to tell me about? I did not hesitate, My Lord. we were just preoccupied with other things. The Romans are moving from Byzantium, and are taking advantage of domestic seditions in the heart of the Islamic Caliphate. We may hold a truce with the Romans as they want money. So, we’ll pay them money as if we were throwing a bone to a dog to distract it. Al-Jarajimah, the gangs of the north are wreaking havoc on the borders. These are easy too. Money will tempt them to stop, otherwise, the Byzantine Emperor Justinian may comply and push them away from our borders. Emir of Believers, they would not have dared to defy us if Jihad hadn’t stopped. It had not stopped, And now is the time to fight both sons of Al-Zubair. Mus’ab in Iraq first, then Abdullah in Makkah. After I’m done with that and we get rid of them, we will march for the Romans to stop them. – My Lord … – Let me finish, Khaled. We won’t be able to conquer our enemies outside, unless we conquer the ones we have inside and unify the State of the Caliphate. Only then we will call for “jihad” and start our conquests. However, we should start by preparing to fight Mus’ab, and then his brother Abdullah bin Al-Zubair. Mother… are you crying? – What makes you cry? – What Muslims have come to, and what you and your brother Mus’ab have turned into. What upsets you about the situation of Muslims and about us? This bloodshed and these decapitated heads. Is that why you’re crying? Abdullah, you can see that I’m almost blind, but my eyes are still able to shed tears. I would do anything for these eyes.

حجاج بن یوسف قسط نمبر 4

This cruelty which you and your brother Mus’ab have acquired! Your father, Al-Zubair Ibn Al-Awwam, was an apostle of the prophet, peace be upon him. And my father, your grandfather, Al-Siddiq, used to urge the soldiers to be merciful in war. – What do you want to say? – I was on my way to you when Ibn Safwan stopped me, and I smelled the odor of thickened blood coming from his hands, and the odor of decayed skin. Peace be upon you, Mother. Peace be upon you too, Ibn Safwan. What are you carrying? What Mus’ab sent to the Emir of Believers. It is the head of God’s enemy, Al-Thaqafi. I didn’t mean to gloat. Aren’t you happy that we defeated the Liar Al-Mukhtar? This is not how victory should be. Blood should not be shed, and heads should be kept over shoulders, as they were meant to be by God. Never be a tyrant, Abdullah, for God has chosen you for the good of Muslims, so don’t do anything that displeases God. Stop crying, Mother,. I cannot bear to see your tears. And who will stop the tears of the mothers whose sons were killed? Since that ominous moment, I’ve been imagining your head decapitated, – and it horrifies me. – Calm down, Mother. Calm down. And I pray that I’ll die before witnessing such a terrible scene. May God grant you a long life so you can bring us back to the right path whenever we’re tempted by our human desires. Come on, Mother, come on. Did you summon me, My Lord? Yes. I am at your beck and call, My Lord. If you were so, I wouldn’t need to summon you I heard some irritating news about you, Ibn Zinba’. – What is it, My Lord? – It’s about your soldiers. They are your soldiers, My Lord. If so, then your power over them is derived from my power. But all I see from them is indolence and disrespect for your orders and mine. Things aren’t that bad, My Lord. You may have sensed some laziness by them. Are you waiting for things to get to that point? Listen, Ibn Zinba’, if you are not up to the responsibility, you can give it up for someone else, or I will relieve you of your duties. I made you close to me and put you in a position of power, so treat your soldiers according to the power we gave you. My Lord… I don’t want to hear another word. You listen to me. We are preparing to fight Ibn Al-Zubair in Iraq. May God make you victorious. Where are those soldiers who will help me achieve victory? I concede My Lord… that the men’s vehemence have gotten rather low during these peaceful days. Rather low! Rather low! The sole purpose of peace is to prepare for another war. A preparation that would boost morale and strengthen determination, Ibn Zinba’. Your soldiers and I will be as you desire, My Lord. I will observe this to be sure of it. I will do, My Lord. Long live the Emir. This puzzles me. Who might have told him that? Was it Al Hajjaj, out of envy and greed? No. Al-Hajjaj couldn’t meet the Emir without going through me first. By what authority are you giving us orders? I’m not giving you orders, it’s just that your situation puzzles me. I have never seen soldiers with such sluggishness and low morale. What do you know about soldiers? Weren’t you teaching boys? Go back to them. Or perhaps you think that we are some of your boys? I wish you were like them, then you’d be good for something. Go back to your little town and your boys, man. Otherwise, your head would go there first while your body stays here. What is going on here? This stranger is giving us orders. I am not giving orders. I am urging them to rise and train instead of sitting and relaxing. And who are you to give orders or even to urge us? Shouldn’t you keep quiet in the presence of the Commander – and let him speak? – Yes, he is our Commander and we abide by his orders, but you are just an intruder and a nobody. – Who made you a leader over us? – I did. I appointed him as your leader It was upon the request of the Emir of Believers. Al-Hajjaj bin Yusuf will assist me, and you will assist both of us for what the Emir of Believers is preparing us. Rauh Ibn Zinba’ is no longer capable of controlling his soldiers. I would have replaced him if he weren’t so not close to me. Who do you think is suitable for that position, Emir of Believers? I will put this issue aside for a while. What made you do that? What I saw from you. Then it was not the wish of the Emir of Believers? I wouldn’t do anything he wouldn’t approve of. And I think he would approve of this. You are hiding something. Listen, Hajjaj… My soldiers got used to me.

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The long time we spent together has done away with the usual formalities between the commander and his soldiers. But you are a stranger and they are not familiar with you. The Emir of Believers is a firm and tough man and he likes men like you. That’s very flattering. So, live up to this praise and do what I assigned you to do. Yes, Ibn Safwan. If and when Al-Muhallab deters the Khawarij away from Iraq, then all of Iraq will stand to face the Umayyads. Thus, their alleged Caliphate will be easy to conquer. However, we have to be patient. Why are you leaving Makkah while others are taking refuge in it to be close to the Ka’ba? – I am sick of seeing blood. – Then, where are you going? I will roam the lands. Why did you come here? I was invited by the Emir of Believers Abdullah Ibn Al-Zubair. He may want you to prepare for his war. Which war are you talking about? There are many wars, Ibn Abi Sufra. Muslims are full of hatred and hostility towards each other. And I do not know who’s right or who’s wrong. I do not take part in such wars. But if things were as I thought when I received the invitation of Ibn Al-Zubair, that he wanted me to fight the Khawarij and deter them, then I would obey the invitation. I would not be involved in a conflict over power. Then Let each of us set out towards his end. I hope we meet again someday under better circumstances. When will I die as a martyr? And all of us will meet our death. May God help me gain more piety, and make me disinterested in life after that. You’re here? We came to talk about something and found you preoccupied. We did not want to interrupt your peace of mind. My mind is troubled. I’m remembering the battle of Doulab. I don’t know why I keep remembering that day every now and then. What distresses you? We won that battle. It was the death of Nafe’ Ibn Al-Azraq, our Emir. But you assumed power! I do not know Sewar which was more difficult, the death of Nafe’ Ibn Al-Azraq or my taking over power. There was no better man for that position. I remember the last words of the late Emir when he was dying: “I shall tell you about a person better than me,” “you have to pledge allegiance to Qatari Al-Mazni as your leader.” You are a courageous and pious man. But life is tempting. I warn you and myself from life. This world is beautiful and green, and full of temptations. It is decorated with delusion, and it will not last, it will not last, and it cannot be taken for granted. That is true. Our jihad is not for the sake of this life, but rather out of disinterest in it. It’s for the sake of pleasing God and earning his forgiveness. But don’t you see that whenever we stop fighting, our minds are agonized with thoughts that that render us lazy? You’re such a good man, Shabeeb! You’re such a good man. You never retreat or surrender. I have never seen a man with such vehemence. It’s for the sake of establishing God’s rule on earth. Yes. There is no rule but that of God.


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