Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 13 in Urdu Subtitles

The devil has an influence, and the Ruler has a sword. “Al-Hajjaj.” I am here amongst you again with a different face and a different attitude. “Episode 13” Never mind, one day Ta’ef would thank me. The entire Hijaz would thank me indeed. As for the attack by the entire army, I have already thought of it, and it will happen in due time. But never inflict harm on the Sacred Mosque nor its neighbors. You know something, Muhammad? These were the Caliph’s instructions to me, and here you say it again. what makes me laugh is that my brother here in his home in Ta’ef shares the same opinion with the Emir of Believers in his capital city.

Hajjaj Bin Yusuf – All Muslims share that opinion. – Yes, all of them. And I only seek their welfare with this. Listen, Muhammad, why don’t you join me in what you advised me? I won’t do that, as I was against this war in the first place, and I was hoping it wouldn’t take place, but now that it is too late, and since my brother is taking part in it, I wouldn’t want to see you defeated. Then you’re half way between my father and me in this. Yes, and so is the Thaqif tribe. At least they didn’t support Ibn Al-Zubair. nor do they support Abdul Malek the Umayyad. – This distresses me. – Why? I remembered Al-Mukhtar Al-Thaqafi, for he took that same stand until his he was killed in the conflict between the two parties.

Go, Muhammad, and I will keep your suggestion in mind. Ever since Al-Hajjaj bin Yusuf suggested to Arabize the accounts as well as the currency in the Arab State, I haven’t stopped thinking about it. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf But, Emir of Believers… it’s not that easy And it won’t be too difficult once we start with it. I won’t keep the accounts of the Arab State in hands of the Romans, the Persians, the Copts or the Assyrians. Nor will I let the currency of the Arab State be that of Byzantium any longer.

Can’t you see how the Romans control us through that currency? And through the dominance of their currency? That’s right, but what I mean to say is that you are busy now with your war against Abdullah Ibn Al-Zubair, and fighting the Khawarij. The war has its battlefield, but development is important too, Abdul Aziz. One must not stop the other, but rather reinforce the foundations of the State. Start implementing these decisions. Peace be upon the Emir of Believers. Peace be upon you too, Son. Al-Waleed! You can tell Al-Hajjaj about this in Hell. Peace be upon you, my lord.

Peace be upon you too Ibn Amr, come and tell me. how come you left Jerusalem after staying there for such a long time? Hajjaj Bin Yusuf I only left to bring you good news. Speak. With God’s blessing, we have finished building of the Dome of the Rock. How does it look after it’s finished? – Is it as I imagined it? – It’s beyond imagination. Did you hear that? what a great news, Waleed! I can’t wait to go to Jerusalem and see the Dome in its center. My Lord, I think you have to be patient. You advise me to be patient in all matters, Abdul Aziz. But how could I be patient when it comes to seeing this dream of mine come true?

My Lord, there’s an unrest among the people, so I think that you should delay your visit to Jerusalem, until you reclaim Makkah under your jurisdiction. I’m aware of this unrest you’re talking about, so much that I can almost hear the rioting now. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf – They say… – They say that Abdul Malek bin Marwan wants to divert Muslims away from Makkah because it’s under Ibn Al-Zubair’s control, and redirect them to Jerusalem, because it is in Syria. Nay! By God, I can never put Jerusalem above Makkah, but I have done this because of Jerusalem’s place in my heart.

It is the first of the two Qiblahs, Abdul Aziz. It’s the place to which the Prophet travelled by night, and from where he ascended to the Heavens. Woe be to them! Have they forgotten that Mu’awiya bin Abi Sufyan took the people pledge of allegiance for himself and for the Umayyads after him in Jerusalem? – My Lord… – That’s enough, Abdul Aziz. If I were to divert Muslims from Makkah to Jerusalem as they claim, then why would I take so much trouble and spend so much time and effort and send troops to reclaim Makkah as a part of our State? – All I wanted, Brother… – I know what you wanted. But you have opened an old wound in my soul which I’ve been trying so hard to forget so it could heal. But I agree that we must delay Jerusalem’s visit until we are done with Makkah and Ibn Al-Zubair Let the people know that Jerusalem has a revered, unrivalled status, and the same applies to Makkah. so, it has been done so easily. There was little fighting before the whole city surrendered. –

Why did you leave it? – I can’t leave you alone in this war over here. Makkah will not be like Al-Madinah, and we need someone to govern it. What if you return to it? I left someone in charge there. And I’m a man of war, so when the battlefield calls, I must answer. God bless you. This war could go on for a while. You can make it shorter, if you launched one big attack by the entire army. Did I say something funny? No, but I heard this opinion from a man who hated war and now I have heard it from you. Listen Ibn Amr, regardless of my intentions towards Ibn Al-Zubair, which will not change, we must wear him out first and then besiege him, before the decisive attack. We’ve never been in such a fierce battle. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf I don’t know how our leader Al-Hajjaj will receive us when we come back to him defeated. God is Greatest.

God is Greatest. All praise is for God, first and foremost. You have the right to celebrate the victory that God has granted you. but don’t get carried away and forget that this battle has consequences; because Ibn Marwan will not leave us alone, neither will the man who leads his army, until we defeat them again. And we too won’t leave them until we defeat them, My Lord I don’t think that Al-Hajjaj bin Yusuf, and you know how evil he is would give us a chance before sending his troops. This defeat won’t cripple him. Yes, Ibn Safwan, let’s be ready to defeat him again. – God is Greatest!

– God is Greatest! – God is Greatest! – God is Greatest! – God is Greatest! – God is Greatest! – God is Greatest! – God is Greatest! – God is Greatest! – God is Greatest! My Lord, I don’t know what to say. We didn’t expect them to be so strong. We… We have been defeated. Woe betide you! Don’t say: “defeated”, but say “retreated”. This will be a matter of attack and retreat for a while. So, go and prepare your soldiers for what’s next. Go. Yes, My Lord. What’s wrong, Tareq? You look taken aback by what you heard. Why did you admonish him for saying the truth? Fighting ends either in a defeat or victory. These are minor defeats, and they won’t count when the decisive victory is achieved. Listen, Ibn Amr, some day you will be the leader whom everybody pointes at. So, what leaders know and conceal should not be circulated among soldiers. Defeats or victories are for the leaders. As for the soldiers, they are war tools only. If I acknowledged he defeat in front of that defeated soldier, he wouldn’t go back to fighting again. The defeat has a long-lasting impact on the soul, so, it’s better forgotten in order to prepare for victory. What’s wrong with you? You heard what was said in my court, yet you said didn’t say anything, then, you asked to see me in private, and here we are. But you haven’t said anything yet. So, speak. My Lord… We are talking in private, father to son, so, address me as Father. I miss hearing it from you. Father, when I saw the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, after it had been completed and decorated, looking so glamorous…

No, no, don’t describe it a lot in front of me while I am eager to see it. Skip that and tell me what’s on your mind. I am thinking… I’m thinking, why not to build a large mosque next to it that Muslims hearts would yearn for? And so Jerusalem will have its own Sacred Mosque. Like Makkah’s Sacred Mosque! No, Waleed. Don’t say another word about this. Haven’t you heard what people are saying and what they imply? They say the Umayyads wish to undermine Makkah’s status away and replace it with Jerusalem. I won’t do that If I thought about it, I wouldn’t do it before seizing control control over Makkah from Ibn Al-Zubair, and retrieving the pearl of this Kingdom. Thus, no other place on earth will have a higher status. After that, we’ll do what you suggested in Jerusalem. – So, will you give me permission? – For what? To return to Jerusalem. It seems that you liked the place there. – Yes, I can’t deny that. – I want you to stay here with me, in my court I need you to be here by my side to deal with several issues.

I found it strange that you didn’t mention what we’re dealing with now. I made a point of ignoring it, as I hate talking about wars. You hate talking about war, and you don’t think that I hate waging them? Don’t you think that I was forced into this war, Waleed? Don’t you think I’d rather send our troops for conquest to extend the Islamic State in the East and the West, than being occupied by these seditions and wars? All I want, Waleed, is to leave for whoever succeeds me a strong States which controls the whole world. This can’t be achieved before eradicating seditions and petty states which are established here and there, undermining the State. After that, I shall head for the Romans in the West, and proceed with the conquests in the East. And I need you to be my side through all that. Listen, Ibn Amr, I didn’t come to Hijaz to retreat without expelling Ibn Al-Zubair, and reclaiming the land under the Umayyad control. I’m aware of that, and it’s why we marched with you. He sent a brigade after another, and we might be defeated until Ibn Al-Zubair thinks that we can’t face him. Meanwhile, we will be depleting his power. Then, you launch a final, decisive war. No, this won’t be work with Ibn Al-Zubair and his men. we have a lot of soldiers, supplies and money, and they have faith in what they are defending. So, what do you have in mind?

After several clashes and small battles, I will impose a siege on Makkah and its people, until the people become fed up with their situation, and they leave Ibn Al-Zubair on his own. I don’t think they would do that. They would, if their living conditions became so poor. ,I know what motivates the soul, and Ibn Al-Zubair has all traits that attract people to him except for one, which pushes them from him. It’s not he’s not generous to people with his money. That’s right, so if they were left with two options; either to die by the sword or starve to death, you will see what they would do after a siege that pushes them to the brink of death. I think that this plan needs to be studied and prepared for thoroughly. That’s why I summoned you. I want you to order the building of catapults. What’s wrong? You look as if you were stung by a scorpion. This is worse! Is that really what you want? Yes, only to horrify people only for Ibn Al-Zubair will take refuge in the Sacred Mosque and the Ka’ba with those whoever is left with him. And you would you shell the Ka’ba with the catapult? Don’t do what Uqba bin Muslim did! He is still being cursed for shelling the Ka’ba until this day, as well as Yazeed Ibn Mu’awiya.

I will not do what he did, so never compare me to someone else. Uqba retreated from Makkah after being defeated, and Yazeed died of sorrow. But I will never be defeated. Don’t let your anger blind you. Do you know why Uqba was cursed for that? Because he failed and didn’t achieve his end. People have no pity for the defeated, and they cheer for the victorious. I really don’t know what to say about this I will relieve you of that confusion by obeying my orders.

I order you to start building the catapults. Go. Since I came to Makkah, I haven’t seen its market like this. Victory uplifts the spirits. The people of Makkah rejoiced at this first encounter against the Umayyads. They ignore everything else in favor or swords and spears. I pray to God that this will be help us deter the Umayyads. Amen. Waleed! I was coming to see your Father, the Caliph, about for something, when I saw coming out of his court looking distressed, so, I forgot what I was coming for. I don’t know what to say, Uncle. Should I call you “uncle”, as in my father’s brother or as in my father in-law? Whichever you use, you’ll find attentive and understanding. Yes, I came out distressed, although I tried to conceal it and not let it show on my face. So, it was what you talked to the Caliph about. It’s rather what we didn’t talk about. And it upset you? I didn’t tell him about it. Then tell me. I’m worried about the Thaqafi, Al-Hajjaj bin Yusuf. How could you worry about him while you don’t know him? You were away when he was here, and here you are close to your father while he’s away. I wish he kept him close by, instead of sending him on that mission. I heard enough about him to make me hate him before meeting him.

You’d hate him more if you knew him. What made my father put him in such a position? The Caliph is quite insightful when it comes to men. He found him fierce, strong and endurance which made the Caliph like him. I heard that he sneaked to him. This is one of Hajjaj’s traits if he reaches his end… You said it, if he reaches his end. I didn’t understand, why do you prefer that he stays close to your father if you hate him? – to limit his influence. – You’re still talking vaguely. What I mean is clear, I fear that he is a greedy man who doesn’t know when to stop. If he achieved his goal in Hijaz and entered Makkah… Say no more, Waleed. By God, I share the same fears although I have kept them from the Emir of Believers, but I made some hints about them. These are the orders of your leader. Choose a some soldiers who are good at building catapults. If we found them, where would we get the materials to make them? Find a way. I didn’t think you’d be happy to her such news, Father. It does make me happy. You’re happy that your son Al-Hajjaj was defeated?

When it comes to this, I’m not a father, Muhammad. I was happy that the truth represented by Ibn Al-Zubair, stood its ground. in the face of falsehood represented by my son, Al-Hajjaj. Do you think that the truth lies with the former rather than the latter? You’re still asking? I’m going to Makkah today to support the truth. Are you serious? Have I ever been anything but serious when it came to something like this? I tried to dissuade him, but he wouldn’t listen. You can come with me if you want, Muhammad.

Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 13

No, Father. If I’m not supporting my brother, then at least I won’t support his enemy. That’s tribalism, Muhammad. As you like. Why the sword? if you are going to support Ibn Al-Zubair, then don’t go as a fighter Why else would one go to Makkah today? When Al-Hajjaj had come to turn it into a battlefield, after Makkah was a destination of worshippers, those who wish to be close to God, and a place of peace. But with what it’s facing now, it has become a destination of warriors to defend it and its people. Father! Father, stop. Step aside, Muhammad. I don’t want to hear another word. – Peace be upon you. – Peace be upon you too. What brought you back after leaving the lands? – What I found in Al-Madinah. – What’s that? Al-Madinah has surrendered to Ibn Marwan’s.

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He’s now praised on pulpits. Duraid, I didn’t think you’d come back. Abdul Malek’s men gave money generously to its merchants, after his leader had deployed his soldiers in it. And what are the people saying? They praise Ibn Marwan in public, but their hearts are with Ibn Al-Zubair. And what good is that? Where to, Uncle? Where do you think I’d be going after what I heard? – Are you going to war? – Yes, that’s what we’re meant to do. But you declined to do this before. You only decided to do it after hearing about the victory of Abdullah’s soldiers in Arafa.

We left Al-Madinah humiliated, which brought us down and dampened our spirits. That’s right, we heard about the victory. This is not victory. Where is Al-Zubair? He is with my father at the Sacred Mosque – God bless him. – Are you praising Al-Zubair or admonishing us? I might praise one of you for a good deed, but I’d never admonish you, unless one of you did something that warrants admonishment. So, off you go, without admonishment or misdeeds. I have already ordered the lamps to be lit at the Sacred Mosque, and to sprinkle perfume to keep it smelling good. Why did you ignore that? And why is the Mosque dark? We didn’t ignore that, My Lord, but these are days of war.

That’s all the more reason to keep the Sacred Mosque lit, with a pleasant scent. That would also be a celebration of the victory which God blessed us with in our first encounter with enemies of the Sacred Mosque. No, it’s not that, Ibn Safwan. It’s for the Sacred Mosque itself, in times of peace and in times of war. Syrian man, make sure to maintain it as it should be. Yes, My Lord.


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