Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 22 in Urdu Subtitles Free

<i>The devil has an influence,</i> <i>and the Ruler has a sword.</i> “Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 22 <i>I am here amongst you again with a different face</i> <i>and a different attitude.</i> “Episode 22” I thought you came to bid me farewell. Yes, but I have something to say, and one last request. What is it? The people, they are upset. Some of them are enraged to see that wooden cross with Ibn Al-Zubair’s corpse crucified on it. They conceal their rage. They don’t dare to reveal it.

Alright, let them keep their rage in their chests until it destroys them. But if they revealed it, our rage will suppress them. This is what you wanted to say, now what’s your request. It’s related to Ibn Al-Zubair. You want me to bring him down? And allow him to be buried. I won’t, not before Asma bint Abi Bakr comes and begs me to do that.

And I won’t accept that from anyone else. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 22 – My Lord… – Enough with that! We have other things to deal with. No, I won’t do that, no. His body is decaying on that cross. It’s just flesh and bone. That devil from Thaqif wanted to humiliate your father in his life, but he couldn’t.

So, he wants to humiliate me in his death. The way to honor the dead is to bury them. What honor is greater than martyrdom? And your father has attained it. Let Al-Hajjaj satisfy his hatred. So, you’re leaving tomorrow. Before leaving Makkah I’d wanted to… I told you I didn’t want to hear any pleas in this regard!

So, stop talking about it and forget what’s happening in Makkah. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 22 As for Al-Madinah, there’s something I want you to do for me. The Caliph asked me to investigate about Sukaina bin Al-Hussein, but I got busy with other things. I want you to do that, and report her news to me.. What exactly do you want to know?

I want to know how she’s doing, and about her assembly if it’s still held, and what is discussed in it. My Lord, how would I know if I didn’t attend it? Send a spy to attend it. There is another thing, – Ramlah bint Al-Zubair. – What about her? Facilitate things for her to return to her home here in Makkah, if she wished to return.

My Lord, after killing Abdullah bin Al-Zubair, would his sister accept – orders from me? Or… – Don’t finish that sentence. Nothing will be done in Hijaz without my orders. Proceed with God’s blessings. I’ll send Suraih to keep your company on the road then come back. Are you worried for me because of the hardships of the road?

Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 22

What is waiting for me is much harder.. – I will go with her. – What? And who do you have in Makkah? What or who do I have in Al-Madinah, or anywhere for that matter? He was a close companion of Ibn Al-Zubair Yes, My Lord. And he completed building the Ka’ba with him. And we destroyed what he built. Bring him to me.

If he was not killed, My Lord. Look for him, he might be alive. Yes, My Lord. Leave him. Get up and come hither. I heard that you were a close companion of Ibn Al-Zubair I was. I wish he remained alive and I remained close to him. – But nothing lasts forever.

– That’s right. His state vanished too, and God Almighty has blessed you by sparing your life, and not letting you be killed along with him. He also graced you by letting you stand before me. Do you visit his cross? Woe betide you! Look at me when I’m talking to you. I heard that you were from Syria. That’s right.

What made you leave the Umayyad Capital and come here to join Ibn Al-Zubair, the usurper? Shouldn’t you speak respectfully of the dead? Woe betide you! How dare you instruct me? I asked you and you didn’t answer. You were in Hijaz, and you descended from it, but you left it to Syria.

Hearts head where God directs them. I liked what you said, after you angered me by everything else you said. Do you know why I refrained from punishing you? For two reasons. First, I’m fed up with shedding blood, and it’s time for my sword to rest, and stop slitting throats. But, for a while, you’re equal to others in this regard. Secondly, I heard that you did well with Ibn Al-Zubair in restoring the Ka’ba. But you demolished what we had built.

Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 22 Yes, I had to, in order to force Ibn Al-Zubair out of it, and face our swords and spears in the battlefield. Now that he was killed, I shall spare your life, so you may work together with other good builders to restore what was damaged and rebuild what was demolished of the Ka’ba. – My Lord…

– Let me finish. Ibn Al-Zubair deconstructed the Ka’ba after it was hit by Muslims bin Qutaiba’s catapults. He rebuilt it in a good way on the bases of Ishmael, peace be upon him, As for me, I won’t deconstruct what Ibn Al-Zubair had built, but rather restore what was damaged and demolished, and add to that.

Don’t you think it odd? War has divided me and Ibn Al-Zubair, whereas restoring the Ka’ba united us. In the future, Muslims will say that their Ka’ba was rebuilt by the two archenemies Ibn Al-Zubair and Al-Hajjaj. So, go get ready for what I ordered. Go. Listen. Would you work as well as you did with Ibn Al-Zubair? Whenever I do something, I do it well. Yes, you’d better do that, because it will spare your life.

Not for my life, My Lord, but for the Ka’ba. Well said. Yes, it is for the Ka’ba. Go now. Wait. Come hither. – Haven’t we met before? – We have, My Lord. I was traveling from Syria to Hijaz. and I was traveling from Hijaz to Syria. We went our different ways, but we met again. This is life, it’s constantly changing.

Yes, it renders people superior and others inferior, and this is a third reason for sparing your life. The forth reason would be loyalty and obedience. We were commanded to obey our rulers. Yes, and I am your ruler. Go and get what you need to do what I ordered. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 22 Go. Our court has missed you, Abdul Aziz. Pakurdu.comWelcome back! I was forced to come by the news I heard while I was sick in bed. We didn’t hide any news from you, so which news do you mean? –

What happened in the Ka’ba. – It is war, Abdul Aziz. Nothing happened there that wouldn’t happen in any other war. Some damages during the war that will be restored after the war ends. But it is the Ka’ba, My Lord, the Ka’ba! That’s why we instructed our ruler in Hijaz to restore it so it would be better than it was before, Abdul Aziz.

Have you appointed Al-Hajjaj as a ruler over Hijaz? He was the leader of my army during the war, so that was the normal thing to do. He achieved my goal in war, and I rewarded him for it. Al-Hajjaj is a covetous man, and Hijaz is his homeland.

So, if he settled there, we can never tell what he would do. No, he wouldn’t stay there for a long time. I never assign a ruler for such a long time that people would grow fond of him, or that they would come to hate him. So, calm down and relax. I did not expect you to worry about something like this. However, I thank God that you recovered and got out of bed.

I am returning to bed! Let’s go, Waleed. Come closer, Ramlah, I need to smell you. My sight is too poor to behold your beauty. What beauty, Mother? Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 22 We have nothing left but… Don’t say that. How is he now? His condition is getting worse. I don’t know if he’ll live until the morning. Don’t say this, Um Al-Banin. This is out of our hands.

Omar! – When have you come? – Once I heard the news, I came immediately. But it is a long distance and the road is rough. How can the people of Makkah remain silent about the this? Daughter, this ruler who’s in control now treats them differently than your brother did. So, they are silenced by fear and crippled by helplessness.

So they leave their Caliph’s body hanged on that cross? swaying with the wind and decaying in the sun? It could be afflicted by the vicissitudes of time or be looked at with curiosity or with pity. We couldn’t take the body down. Don’t make a big deal out of it, Ramlah. The body is subject to anything.

As for my son’s soul… Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 22 I shall go and talk to that tyrant. Don’t do that, for he won’t relent. I heard that he vowed not to take him down unless I went to him and begged him to do that. No, Mother I won’t let you do that. – I won’t do it. – I won’t go to beg him. God damn him! He killed Mus’ab and took Khubaib and Hamza away from their father.

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Now, he wants to kill me with humiliation, while I’m bereaving in this age. What about my brother Orwa? He couldn’t bear to stay in Makkah, so he left, and abandoned everything. What’s become of the family of Al-Zubair bin Al-Awwam! What’s become of the family of Al-Zubair bin Al-Awwam! – It is Al-Waleed. – Al-Waleed has never come here before. Abdul Aziz’s condition is deteriorating, he may not live to see another day.

Would you come with me, Atika? I don’t want to intrude. You are his brother, and they are his daughter and his son-in-law. I knew that his son Omar had come from Egypt. Tell me, Abdul Malek, if that which you feared came to pass, who would you choose as your successor? Is this the time to talk about this, Atika? It might not be the time to discuss it in your court, but between the Caliph and his wife, it doesn’t matter. If Abdul Aziz dies, Waleed shall be my successor –

But his mother is an Absi! – And after him, his brother Sulaiman. His mother is an Absi too. Is this a good choice? Our son Yazeed is still too young, Atika. Who shall succeed Sulaiman? I shall instruct Omar to succeed him. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 22 I won’t deprive his son of what he was deprived of. If he died, that is. Alas for my son, Yazeed! Abdul Malek, do you think it’s right that your only son whose mother is an Umayyad and the daughter of a Caliph should be excluded from the line of succession? Atika, Atika!

Have you forgotten that Abdul Aziz is the one who’s about to die, not me? Have you forgotten that, Atika? Father! Ramlah bin Al-Zubair, wasn’t she in Al-Madinah? She is outside your door now, My Lord. – Shall I turn her back? Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 22 No, let her in. You are welcome, Daughter of Al-Zubair. – I came to you, Hajjaj. – Wouldn’t you greet me first? You left no place for greetings. By God, I felt as if I was stepping on my heart with every step I took here. Why have you come, then? To take down my brother’s body from that cross. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 21 in Urdu Subtitles free


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