Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 11 in Urdu Subtitles

The devil has an influence, and the Ruler has a sword. “Al-Hajjaj.” I am here amongst you again with a different face and a different attitude Episode 11″ I fear that Bishr bin Marwan would stall in preparing the army and sending it. He is an indolent man who was brought up in the comfort of palaces. he wouldn’t stall in fulfilling the orders of the Emir of Believers. He might as he might be angry I didn’t go to him myself. what if you went to him, My Lord? Woe betide you and what you said! I only acknowledge the power of the Emir of Believers. And if I could oust all those around him, I would. For they undermine the Caliphate. But we’re stopping here so the soldiers could rest after their hard and long march. woe be to you! if they rest, they’ll become indolent. No one realizes how eager I am to enter Hijaz and fight Ibn Al-Zubair.

If we reached Hijaz, where would you camp with the army, to prepare to fight Ibn Al-Zubair and invade Makkah? Is there any town other than Ta’ef near Makkah? The children teacher who left Ta’ef once, returns to it with an army the like of which Hijaz has never seen. Ibn Safwan, Ibn Safwan! I’ve never seen you walk so quickly! – I wouldn’t do that. – where are you going? to the Emir of Believers, he asked me to go see him. We haven’t seen him for a while. He’s in reclusion, he needed that. When he’s out, he’ll find we finished building we don’t know what to do next. – I will tell him. – I’ll go with you. I miss him and I need to talk to him Ibn Amr, prepare yourself to lead the soldiers. I have provided them with weapons, provisions and war supplies. All that Thaqafi has to provide them with is determination. He will, My Lord.

حجاج بن یوسف قسط نمبر 11

I see that you’re very partial to him. I got to know him and found that he was qualified for the mission assigned to him by the Emir of Believers. Don’t underestimate the mission that you and him are embarking on. I don’t think the Thaqafi is a match for Ibn Al-Zubair. he will be, My Lord, with the soldiers you’ll provide him with, fueled determination of the Emir of Believers. you said that you knew that Thaqafi. So, you acquired his cunning. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Go ahead with the army. for if we made that Thaqafi wait for too long, he might retreat and return to seek one of his avidities – Peace be upon you, My Lord. – Peace be upon you too. I was on my way to your court. It’s been quite a while since I saw you carrying a sword. I won’t put it down from now on until this turmoil has passed. – how is the work going? – we are done. It’s all by the grace and blessing of God. – What’s next, My Lord? – what next? I believe that the Emir of Believers has already answered your question.

Doesn’t this sword give you any hint as to what we should do? God damn Bishr bin Marwan and Tareq bin Amr! Do they think I came here for a leisurely stroll so they delayed the army? By God, I don’t know which one of them I should curse more. God has blessed us and enabled us to accomplish this work. And I urge you all to work as of today to defend and protect what God Almighty made us responsible for. We are the men for that Emir of Believers. We are the men for that Emir of Believers We are the men for that Emir of Believers May I speak, My Lord? We are all ears, Sheikh. Go ahead. I’m not addressing you, Ibn Al-Zubair, for your father was the apostle of the Prophet, peace be upon him. Peace be upon him. And your mother is the daughter of Al-Siddiq, the closest companion of the Prophet, peace be upon him. Peace be upon him. Who was also his first successor. You’ve just finished the work you did for God’s sake, and for the good of Muslims.

You rebuilt the Ka’ba and repaired the damages caused by the catapult, and by the fire that scorched it. So, may God reward you for what you’ve done for Muslims. You were the one who said: O God, I seek the refuge in your Ka’ba. People, this is the man who seeks refuge in the Ka’ba, and who defends it. He’s its builder and protector. So, what would you do if the Umayyads did it again? We support you, Emir of Believers! We support you, Emir of Believers! We support you, Emir of Believers! My Lord, we thought our hands were exhausted due to the building work, but, by God, they only got stronger and tougher, as if they were preparing to carry the swords. In times of peace, we build, and in times of war, we fight, defending what you and we have built together. We shall protect the Ka’ba with our swords! We shall protect the Ka’ba with our swords! And we shall defend it with our lives! And we shall defend it with our lives! We pledge to that, My Lord! We pledge to that, My Lord! We pledge to that, My Lord! God bless you, Sheikh. As for you, Syrian, you said more than enough. I only said what was in my heart, My Lord. Let the people commence with what they pledged to do. We pledge allegiance to you! We pledge allegiance to you! We pledge allegiance to you! We pledge allegiance to you! Speak, Sheikh. I saw in Abdul Malek bin Marwan’s face, when I met him in Syria on his way back after invading Kufa and killing Mus’ab, I saw a wickedness I didn’t know where it would stop. And I don’t think it would stop before reaching you. This vision has haunted me day and night. I’m aware of Ibn Marwan’s intentions. But you’re not preparing for the encounter with him as you should. – You are reluctant to fight. – If I took this garment off, how many serious wounds would you find in my body? I know that, Ibn Al-Zubair. Your body is full of wounds you sustained in battles. You are a tough warrior and a valiant cavalier, if you were forced to fight. I remember what you did in the battle of Addar. This distresses me, Sheikh. Yes, I injured and got injured that day, defending Othman bin Affan, may God bless him, when the battle got fierce. I received more than 10 stabs and injuries while defending him. And here are the Umayyads. who sought to kill Othman, are seeking to kill me or decapitate me. They didn’t seek to kill you, but to take away your power. Yet, Ibn Al-Zubair, despite being a fierce fighter, you still hate to fight. So, think about what’s coming. That is enough, Sheikh! I understand what you’re saying. If what you anticipate should happen, Then, by God, there’s nothing I’d rather do more than defending God’s Sacred Mosque, or dying while defending it. They will not seize from me what God has made scared. come, Ibn Amr. Tell me what Bishr bin Marwan did. Sit down. A Ruler without soldiers, and a territory surrounded by threats. Is this what the Caliph wanted for Kufa and Iraq after reclaiming them? My Lord… I don’t want to hear another word about this. Go to the people of Kufa to mobilize them and recruit them. My Lord, most people in Kufa are clerics and scholars. They are dedicated to books and knowledge. They are incapable of fighting. Didn’t they fight by the side of Mus’ab Ibn Al-Zubair? Those who stood by before the battle, let him down during it Woe be to you! Are you underestimating the Caliph’s victory? Does the Caliph want to lose Iraq so he could claim Hijaz? If that Thaqafi was able to achieve that for him… Hajjaj Bin Yusuf The Caliph took all the soldiers away from Kufa to send them with that fool to Makkah! that’s his business. But I won’t let Kufa be devoid of soldiers. Do what I ordered you. Wait. Did you say that most people in Kufa were clerics and scholars? That’s right. Then look for Sa’eed bin Jubair. He is one of the best. Then bring him to me. Is that what of Bishr Ibn Marwan did? And what he said.

He could only succumb to the Caliph’s orders. He ordered me to lead he soldiers out after preparing them. He did well this time. Aside from that, I don’t think he’s qualified for the position his brother the Caliph gave him. Yu know something, Ibn Amr? This brings to mind what the poetic genius of Thubian Nu’man Ibn Munther: you are the sun while other kings are planets . Abdul Malek bin Marwan is a sun indeed, but all those around him are fading stars. They must be distinguished and removed from around him. And who would be around him? Woe be to you! who’s worthy of being close to the sun? Forget about that now.

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Let’s prepare the army to head for Makkah. I can see it right now, and it has waited for too long. I wanted to spare them that. I wanted Makkah, home of the Ka’ba, to be a haven for the soul, and a safe link between earth and heaven. Thank God! Al-Hajjaj now has the armies of both Syria and Kufa. My Lord, excuse me for saying this… Speak, I need to hear a voice other than that humming inside me. Speak. That’s it. I’ve never seen you so worried ever since you sent Al-Hajjaj to fight Ibn Al-Zubair. I hope there won’t be any fighting, and that Ibn Al-Zubair finds it better to obey the rulers so he spares the lives of his family and his supporters. Aren’t you worried that the Hijaz campaign won’t achieve its goal? No, I’m rather worried but about what it would happen along the way. I cannot predict what Al-Hajjaj would do, for he is a very irritable man.

There have become many men like that in the Umayyad Court. Yes, but they achieved their goals. Ibn Ziyad was corrupt but he was an expert in people and knew their weaknesses. He was our means to fight evil with evil. My cousin Amro Ibn Sa’eed was corrupt too and his betrayal led him to his death, despite of what we expected from him. Muslim bin Uqba was corrupt too. Nothing was sacred for him. He even attacked the Ka’ba! And he almost eliminated Ibn Al-Zubair.

What about Al-Hajjaj? don’t you think he’s corrupt? But he is able to demolish the state of Ibn Al-Zubair and reclaim Hijaz to the Umayyad State. Do you believe, My Lord, that this end justifies his means? This what has been worrying me ever since I sent him. – Peace be upon you. – Peace be upon you too . – It took you too long. – I waited as to be sure. – Of what? – That Ibn Marwan’s army left Kufa. Nobody is left in Kufa except its ruler and its people, without soldiers. – It won’t stay like that.


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