Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 21 in Urdu Subtitles free

The devil has an influence, and the Ruler has a sword. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 21.” I am here amongst you again with a different face and a different attitude. Abdullah! If you believe in your cause and what you’re calling for, then, proceed with it, for your companions and supporters died for it.

But if you seek this worldly life, then, what a miserable man you are! You ruined yourself and those who were killed with you. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 21 If you say that you were right but when your supporters failed you, you became weak, then this is not what free men or devout believers do. For no matter how you value life, death is still better.

So, don’t put your fate in the hands of the Umayyads. What scares me, Mother, is that if the Umayyads killed me, they’d mutilate my body, crucify me and play with my corpse. A slaughtered goat doesn’t feel the pain when it’s skinned.

So, follow your insight, and seek God’s support. By God, this is my opinion, which I’ve been calling for until this day. I’ve never cared about this worldly life, nor have I clung to it. I only took up arms to defend God’s Sacred Mosque against desecration.

I just wanted to know what you thought, so you gave me a deeper insight. Mother! I am going to be killed today. Don’t grieve for me, and submit to God’s will. Your son has never committed a forbidden act deliberately, nor did he commit an obscenity. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 21 He has never betrayed trust, and has never wronged a Muslim or an covenanter knowingly. Nothing has ever been more important to me than pleasing God. God knows I’m not saying this to praise myself, for God knows best. I’m only saying it to console my mother, so she won’t grieve for me.

I hope I’ll find solace if you died before me. But if I died before you, I hope I’d be able to know what would become of you. May God reward you. Don’t give up praying for me before and after my death. I will never stop praying for you. Others were killed for a false cause, and you’ll be killed for a righteous one. May God be merciful with him for all those nights he stayed up praying, and the tears he shed and the thirst he endured in Al-Madina and Makkah, and for being a good son for me and his father.

O God, I’ve submitted him to Your will, and I accept his destiny which You have decided, so reward me for Abdullah like You reward the patient and the thankful. This is a farewell, so don’t prolong it. I think that this will be the last time I see you in this life.

Proceed to what God has destined you. – He declined your offer. – I know that. The only thing I like about this man, is that he doesn’t give me a single reason to refrain from killing him. But I don’t like to see him killed. My lord, he returned to the Sacred Mosque. – Are you sure? – Yes. We watched him going inside his house and staying there for a while.

Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 21

Then we saw him returning to the Mosque and entering it. You have permission to fight in the Sacred Mosque until you get him. Go. We could’ve captured him while he was heading towards his home. Do you think I would deprive a man in his last hours from bidding farewell to his family and his house?

I want him to die in the place where he took refuge. O God, I’d love to meet you, and I pray that you would love to meet me. Stop, stop! Abdullah bin Al-Zubair has been killed. Abdullah bin Al-Zubair has been killed. Stop! Take the corpse of the Chief of Thaqif and give him a decent burial in Ta’ef. Go on.

Isn’t this the corpse of Ibn Safwan Al-Jamhi? Yes. Bury him with the others. Ibn Al-Zubair! I swear he’s one of the best men that have ever lived. Woe betide you! How could you praise the man who disobeyed the Caliph! Yes. He gave us that excuse. If he didn’t, we wouldn’t have an excuse to kill him.

We besieged him while he was unfortified and unprotected for seven months. Whenever we encountered him, he would be the better man. He is one of the best men who have ever lived. – You’re still saying that. – And I will keep saying it. If Caliph Abdul Malek heard what I said, he would approve of it and support it.

My Lord, what shall we do with Ibn Al-Zubair’s corpse? Show me your sword, does it have a sharp blade? Chop his head off and bring it to me. Say that again. I could bear to hear it the first time. – Say it! – He chopped the head off, and crucified the body on a wooden cross in the Hujoons corner of the Sacred Mosque. Where is that enemy of God?

He’s staying in an abandoned house. Take me to him. Take me to him. As for Ibn Al-Zubair’s head, keep it for now, and let’s choose a man I can send to the Emir of Believers to inform him of the good news, and bring him his enemy’s head. Gather the people who are left in Makkah to stand before me, and pledge allegiance to Abdul Malek bin Marwan.

If we weren’t in a death situation, I would imprecate you, Hajjaj . Verily, we belong to God and to him we shall return. If the head could speak after being chopped off, the Caliph would hear from Ibn Al-Zubair’s mouth what he wanted to hear of loyalty and allegiance.

Yes. Take it, and make sure it arrives intact. Go on, hurry up. Awf, this is the message carrying the good news to the Caliph. Take some men with you, for the road is full of hazards. I don’t need protection, My Lord. The protection isn’t for you but for Ibn Al-Zubair’s head.

Do you think it’s insignificant? My Lord. People are gathering in front of the house, they came to pledge allegiance. Let them in. Is the he still bedridden with illness? Yes, and he’s getting worse. I hope he doesn’t die too soon. It hurts me to lose Abdullah Aziz. Did you receive any news from Makkah? My Lord, I’m afraid that you gave Al-Hajjaj too much authority, so he acted as if he had absolute power.

We don’t get news from him anymore. I think he refrains only to send us major good news in the end. Is there anything else? The issue of Iraq and its contradicting news. What’s in Iraq? We’ve already established our rule there. Stability in Iraq only lasts so long before unrest is sparked again. We will suppress it, with God’s will, after we establish our rule in Hijaz, and Al-Hajjaj sends me the news of Ibn Al-Zubair’s death. Bless you and bless your pledge of allegiance to the Emir of Believers and the Caliph. So, go home in peace.

My Lord, it’s Asma bint Abi Bakr, the mother of Abdullah bin Al-Zubair. We tried to stop her but we couldn’t. Woe betide you! How could you stop someone like her from entering! Open the door for her and don’t let anyone in. You are dismissed. Welcome to the best of women. Listen, Kulaib… hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 21 Won’t you greet me first?

I won’t greet God’s enemy. I’ll accept this from you, for you’re grieving mother, and I was meaning to come to you to offer my condolences. Woe betide you! Mother of Abdullah, this is war, and we can’t avoid its consequences.

Yes, it’s war, and I’ll tell you what its outcome was. You have ruined my son’s Abdullah’s life, but he has ruined the Afterlife for you. He’s in Heaven while you will be in Hell. It’s God’s will, He imposes whatever He wills. Then why did you chop his head off? As for that, it was an order from the Caliph, and I am at his command.

He wanted to have his head in his hands. You are lying. Why did crucify him then? Mother… Woe betide you! Don’t address me as such. I would never be a mother to someone like you. Mother of Abdullah, Your son and I had raced to that wooden cross – and he reached it first. – Listen, you… Am I to be addressed as “you”?

Misfortunes are tests for hearts, and my heart is filled with faith in what God imposes, but put the head back to the body as God wanted it to be. What split his head from his body was not a sword. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 21 What split it was his disobedience and rebellion against the Emir of Believers. As for the head, it went with whoever took it.

As for the body, it had to be crucified to be a lesson to those who might learn. God damn you! I have humiliated myself and troubled my son’s soul by talking to you. God damn you! I’ve never seen you like this before. Haven’t you seen her? The angel of death is hovering over her head. By God, if I pulled out my sword before her, the angel of death would precede me in taking her life. Let the rest of the people in.

Won’t you stop crying, Ramlah? You’ll kill yourself. Am I not dead already? I wish I was among those who were killed in Makkah. At least I would’ve seen him before he was killed. It is God’s destiny. Is what I heard true? Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 21 Was he crucified after his head was chopped off? Al-Hajjaj would do that. I’ll go to Makkah even if I get killed on the way. – Ramlah! – I will go. What’s the use of going now? My two brothers were killed, and I hadn’t not seen neither of them before they died.

You won’t bear to see him crucified. I have to leave Makkah. What are you saying? I can’t bear staying here anymore. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 21 I can’t bear staying here anymore, Grandmother, while my father’s corpse is exposed to people on the cross. You accompanied and fought with him when he was alive, and you’re scared of seeing his corpse? Kalabsh Episode 1 in Urdu Subtitles

Do you know that some people enter the Sacred Mosque and go around the Ka’ba frequently to see more of him? I know. Some of them refrained from doing that as not to see him and feel pity for him. Woe be to them! They abandoned him when he was alive and couldn’t look at him when he died? Take me to him.

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No, you won’t be able to handle it, Grandmother. My eyesight is so poor, I won’t be able to see him. But I’ll get close to him and smell his scent. Do you know what Al-Hajjaj did? He threw beside the cross an animal’s stinking carcass to give the air around him a nasty stench. But the smell of musk com ing out of my father’s corpse prevailed. This is musk, the wind of Heaven.

Come on, take me to him. Yes, the mission is completed. All of Hijaz is now under the control of the Marwans. What do you think, Ibn Amr? About what? Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 21 Should I take residence in Makkah? Or should I leave it and go to Al-Madina, which was the capital of the Rightly-Guided Caliphate? Won’t you be patient and wait for what the Caliph’s decision?

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