Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 15 in Urdu Subtitles

The devil has an influence, and the Ruler has a sword. “Al-Hajjaj.” I am here amongst you again with a different face and a different attitude. “Episode 15” My Lord, there’s a messenger with a letter from the Caliph. Bring it. Find him a place to sleep in. What is it? My Lord sent me to lead the army in war. Meanwhile, he involves me… in women’s affairs. In the first one, he asks me to give Ibn Al-Zubair when I reach him, two options:

Either choose another state to rule under the name of the Caliph, or send him to Damascus in shackles. As for the other thing, listen to this: I order you to send someone to Al-Madinah, which has become under our control now, to inquire about Sukaina’s news, and report to us. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Didn’t you inquire about that, My Lord? This is stranger than the previous one. We learned that Khaled bin Yazeed seeks to marry Ramlah, the sister of Ibn Al-Zubair. I want you to prevent that from happening. How strange kings are! Their minds are torn between ruling courts and women’s beds. – What did you say, My Lord?

– Forget I said anything. I will tear this letter into two parts. I will keep the part I’m concerned with, and ignore the part I’m not concerned with. Would you dare you upset the Emir of Believers? I’ll upset him in a trivial matter. But I shall please him in many other insignificant matters. Ka’b. Call the man who brought the Caliph’s letter. Go back to the Emir of Believers and tell him that I received his letter. – Without a response? – Isn’t this response enough? Go, Ibn Amr. I want to be alone. As for the issue of Ramlah bint Al-Hussein and Khaled Ibn Yazeed, this means that he doesn’t want any relationship between the Umayyads and the Zubairis. Then why is he interested in Sukaina bint Al-Hussein? Ibn Amr, didn’t I ask you to show me the catapult? What are you thinking about, Ramlah? What’s happening in Makkah. Did you spend the whole night thinking and reflecting about that? I can’t stop thinking about it. Do you think being there would calm you down? I just hate to leave you here alone.. – What would happen to me?

– You have great patience, Sukaina. For what? My wound for losing Mus’ab is still bleeding and hurting me, no matter how much I try to be patient. I remember that whenever I look at you. You don’t need anyone to remind you. I know that I don’t need anyone to remind me. It’s just that I got used to having you here. – I will stay by your side. – I’m happy to hear that. But tell me something, why don’t you attend my session which will be held at my house today? There will be men of letters, poets, scholars and legists. I envy your ability to overcome your wounds, and attend this session. As for me, I can’t do that. It’s beneficial and it awakens your soul. It also provides solace. I can’t, it won’t distract me from what happened to my brother Mus’ab, and what will happen to my brother Abdullah. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 15 Listen, Ramlah. I’m Mus’ab’s bereaving wife who witnessed his death, but death doesn’t stop life. Otherwise, what would I have done after the death of my father Al-Hussein and my husband Mus’ab? We left Ahvaz and we won’t stop until we reach Kerman, and eliminating the Khawarij and Qatari bin Al-Fuja’a.

If the men were defeated outside Makkah, we should not be defeated inside it. Let its entrances and exits be fortified. How is the market? What are you asking about in particular, My Lord? Does it have enough supplies for people if Makkah was cut off from the other cities? It seems that you’re insinuating something, My Lord. That’s right, I’m insinuating something that I’m sure will happen. Al-Hajjaj will do what Muslim bin Uqba did which is to besiege Makkah. But Ibn Uqba retreated as he was defeated, and this is what will happen to Al-Hajjaj as well. We cannot know that, Chief of Thaqif. We can know if we prepared for it. We shall do that, with God’s will. I suggest that you examine the market, Ibn Safwan, to check if it has sufficient supplies for people. I shall do that, with God’s will.

I’ve never seen a weapon as glorious as this. It glows of pride and magnificence. I hope it works as magnificently as it looks. I’d rather we built at the same location where we will set it up, so we won’t have to tow it all the way there. Don’t you want people… to see what we have prepared for them, and what we will fight them with? What horrifies the enemy must not be concealed. Catapults! What is Ibn Yusuf doing and what is he plotting? My Lord, Al-Hajjaj… I don’t want to hear anything about this. My Lord, listen to your orders and obey them, and you listen to us and take our advice, but once Al-Hajjaj is mentioned, you prevent us from speaking. I know what the two of you think about him, but I know about him what you don’t, and I see in him what you don’t. Time will tell us about him more than we could tell. The soldiers are asking for orders to prepare for another attack against Ibn Al-Zubair. They liked that, didn’t they? Having a repose after victory would make the soldiers feel lost. They won’t have a repose until we achieve victory. Let them prepare for another attack. – But at another location. – Towards Maimoun well? That’s right. How did you know? I knew when I saw you looking in that direction. Not the same location. I will keep maneuvering Ibn Al-Zubair’s men from one location to another, and one defeat to another, until I burden them and exhaust them, So they quit and leave him alone. – Peace be upon you. – Peace be upon you too. Aren’t you Sa’eed bin Jubair? That’s right, you recognized me while I am an unknown man among people. No, you are one of the best among them. I attended a sermon in your session once, and I heard some of the best things I’ve ever heard. Those words stem from my heart, and if they found their way to another heart, they will settle in it.. Let’s sit and talk, I have food to share. As for food, I don’t have a share in it. As for talking, I wouldn’t withhold what I know, And I am keen to hear what others know. Head for Maimoun well, until you meet Ibn Al-Zubair’s army. Engage with them and kill as many as you can. If you defeat them, stay there until the rest of the army joins you. Go. We talked a lot, but you didn’t ask about me, Ibn Jubair.

We may part ways and never meet again, so why should I ask too many questions? I shall ask you then, for what I hear from you could be better than what you hear from me. Did you leave Kufa upon the orders of its Ruler, Bishr bin Marwan for something you did? But rather for something I didn’t do. Declaring loyalty to the Umayyads and saying good things about them? I don’t want to talk about this. Where are you heading then? To Basra. You’re leaving Kufa to Basra? There is no difference, as long as I can find a place where I can teach people about their religion. And about their life as well. You can’t separate religion from life. Only in compliance with God’s laws. In Basra, Khaled will ask you for the same thing Bishr asked of you in Kufa. Then I’ll go to another place in the vast lands of Islam. Would you keep moving from one place to another, chased by the Umayyads and their oppression? Listen, Ibn Al-Ash’ath, I am one of the Mawalis and the Followers, So, I have no place in this land you are fighting for, and killing each other over its bounties. I took it upon myself to educate people about their religion, so that God may reward them with paradise which is better than this mortal life. – What if we meet again? – I don’t think we would meet after this time. Listen, Ibn Jubair, how about you accompany me? For people would listen to you when you talk to them. And all I want is as I mentioned, too make the people revolt against the Umayyads, and replace them with those who would bring them reform and prosperity. Maimoun well. I should have agreed to what Ibn Al-Ash’ath said.

My Lord, it’s a troop of Al-Hajjaj’s army. He sent them to Maimoun well, and they took over it. Ibn Safwan, send all our fighters to expel them. – Yes, Father. – I’m going too. Let every man capable of fighting go. This is a vital resource for Makkah, and if we lost it… Where are you going, Chief of Thaqif? – Shall I sit this one out? – Yes. For this fighting requires the strength and stamina of the youth. You’d be of more help if you stayed here with me. – Is their leader with them? – No. Al-Hajjaj sent his soldiers and stayed behind. I will save my efforts now, for an encounter in which Al-Hajjaj takes part. We should attack them from that side. But I see no soldiers there. The Khawarij may have caught wind of our plans, – So, they retreated. – Then we will march to meet them. – Did you give those orders, My Lord? – Yes. If our soldiers stood their ground at Maimoun well, let them do what I ordered them to do. But… I know what you’re going to say, and what people will say about me. But it is a means that leads to an end. How would the people of Makkah leave Ibn Al-Zubair if they continued to have access to vital resources? – But it is water, My Lord. – So what? Didn’t the Prophet, peace upon him, do this in Badr? Weren’t Badr wells interred to keep the none-believers in Makkah thirsty?

– But… – That’s enough, Ibn Amr. I am fed up with your sympathy for our enemy. By God, if I could withhold air from Ibn Al-Zubair and his men, to achieve my end, I would do it. Retreat, disperse, it’s an ambush! Retreat! Retreat! Retreat! Retreat! Woe betide you, people of Makkah! What are you doing? Do you think this is strange? This is a blessed land of abundance. Why are you rushing to buy things? It’s war, Ibn Safwan, it’s war. There’s no need for all this, Brother. Maybe you don’t see it that way, For you’re close to Ibn Al-Zubair, feeling secure and your needs are met, unlike us. If you took more than what you need, you’d deprive others of their needs, And then, let the Caliph take care of people’s needs. I didn’t think the Khawarij would resort to this.

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They used to fight without covers or ambushes. It’s their experience in war, Commander. Wait until I kill their leader, Qatari bin Al-Fuja’a. You won’t reach him as we were ambushed. I won’t be defeated! Al-Muhallab is never defeated. Al-Muhallab is never defeated! – Let’s retreat before we’re defeated. – Fight them with all you’ve got. Let God’s laws prevail. We must follow them. Let Ibn Abi Sufra take this break to think about the defeat. And then, we will defeat him once more.

Hajjaj Bin Yusuf If the pilgrims came to Makkah, Do we have enough to offer them? Do you think this war will last until the Pilgrimage season? Yes, I think it will, Ibn Safwan. Once Al-Hajjaj sent his soldiers to Maimoun well, I realized what he wanted. He wants to burden the people of Makkah with a siege where they will barely have enough to live. Hence, they would be incapable of nothing but submission and surrender. – This will never happen. – You and I say that. What about the rest of the people? Commander, Ibn Abi Sufra. What are you doing here, Basri? We have something to tell you about. Why don’t we talk about that when we get home? We don’t want to head to Ahvaz with you, as it’s not our home.

If we wanted to go home, then let’s talk about this. What did you want to talk to me about that couldn’t wait? It could wait, but we are close to Ahvaz now, – and we don’t want to enter it. – Why? Listen, Muhallab, you led us from Basra, until you seized Ahvaz from the Khawarij, – with our swords. – Woe be to you! Didn’t we come to defend you against the Khrijites, and we did? Where were your swords when they invaded you, before we came and saved you? Wait, Ibn Basheer, let’s hear him out. Go on. By God, I only said that because I already knew what he wanted to say. Let’s hear him out. The Khrijites are no longer a threat to Basra, and they have moved away from Ahvaz. They are now in Kerman and Tabarestan now. If you were like you said while staying in Ahvaz, so you form a barrier between them and us. So, we want to return to Basra. You’d leave him after all he did for you? I told you to shut up, Malek. Let’s hear him out.

We’ll go back to our work and trade like we used to. We don’t have to fight the Khawarij now that they are far away. Woe betide you! when I defeat and expel the Khawarij, you take credit for that victory, and when I am defeated you blame me! This is futile, Ibn Abi Sufra. We’ve unanimously agreed on this. You can keep those who joined you from Ahvaz. As for us, we’ll part ways with you here and return to Basra. By God, after what I heard from you, I’d rather you left than stayed with me. And if I were to fight, I wouldn’t fight with people like you. Go!


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