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The devil has an influence, and the Ruler has a sword. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 24 ” I am here amongst you again with a different face and a different attitude. “Episode 24” I wouldn’t have left Makkah before entering your court, Hajjaj. That’s an honor for me and for the house, My Lord. I can see that it is a humble court, not befitting of the Caliph’s appointed prefect.

My Lord, I don’t care for life’s pleasures and luxuries. Then, you seek Paradise in the Afterlife. Tell me, Hajjaj, how do you think you’re doing in Hijaz? My Lord, I have Hijaz in my left hand, while my right hand is still empty, and it’s even stronger.

Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 24 Then, you ambitions go beyond Hijaz. My only ambition is to reinforce your rule, My Lord, and the strengthening your State. Hajjaj, I heard many things from people in Makkah, and they seem to be dissatisfied with you. I don’t seek people’s satisfaction, My Lord.

Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 24

I only seek God Almighty’s satisfaction, and the Caliph’s. But you satisfied neither, Hajjaj. If you want to have control over what’s more important than Hijaz, you have to let go of Hijaz first. I shall return to Syria after I’ve performed the Pilgrimage with God’s blessings. So, come to see me there at your earliest convenience. I have written to you regarding Sukaina bint Al-Hussein, – but you ignored that. – I didn’t, My Lord. I sought to meet her, but I wanted to seize the chance to report news that would please you. Never mind.

Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 24

Let’s not talk about this now, Hajjaj, as this is not the appropriate time to discuss it. Make sure you come to see in Syria as soon as possible. I will hasten it, My Lord. – What’s the matter, Hajjaj? – I want your permission to do something before I leave Hijaz, My Lord. What is it? Discharging Tareq bin Amr as the prefect of Al-Madinah. Woe betide you! Wasn’t Ibn Amr your friend and fellow commander in your war on Hijaz? Didn’t he reclaim Al-Madinah for us, and helped you get to Abdullah bin Al-Zubair?

He did, My Lord. I don’t deny that. I rather condemn him for an unforgivable matter – What is it? – When we stood before the corpse of Abdullah bin Al-Zubair, he said in front of people: “There has never been a man like him.” Is that what he thinks of Ibn Al-Zubair? When I blamed him for that and admonished him, he said snobbishly: “If the Caliph heard this, he would approve of it.” I do approve of it, Hajjaj. But a commander who fights under our flag and on our behalf must not praise our enemy publicly.

Otherwise, why would we fight him and kill him? Listen, Hajjaj, let the last thing you do in Hijaz be discharging Tareq bin Amr. Throughout this session, you wanted to say something but you kept it to yourself, Ibn Amr. I didn’t come to say anything, but rather to bid you farewell. – To bid me farewell? – Hajjaj relieved me of my duties. – as the prefect of Al-Madinah. – Woe be to him! The people of Al-Madina won’t find a prefect better than you. Why did he do that? He asked the Caliph’s permission to do that, – and he approved. –

Doesn’t that Umayyad realize what you did for that man? I don’t know. I don’t know what Hajjaj told him about me. This man is ungrateful for anyone who does him a favor. Why is he angry at you after you helped him so much? For him, one minor misdeed outweighs any number of good deeds. And what was your misdeed? Pakurdo.com

Perhaps it was because I witnessed what happened between you and him. Al-Hajjaj has never been in such a position. He wouldn’t forgive me for witnessing that. Al-Hajjaj is an envious, spiteful man. Excuse me, I only came to bid you farewell. Yusuf. Go and gather some of the people of Makkah near the Mosque. –

At this late hour, My Lord? – Yes, at this late hour. Night is better for what I want from them. Make sure Talha and Hussami will be there. What if they asked about the reason? Woe be to you! would a leader tell his soldiers what he wants from people? Go and tell them that Al-Hajjaj wishes to lead them – in the Dawn Prayers. – Yes, My Lord. I wish you were with me, Waleed. I didn’t want to go as a Pilgrim to Makkah while seeing what would disturb me. You mean Al-Hajjaj. Would you rather it was Ibn Al-Zubair?

There’s no comparison, Father. I heard what supports this opinion. – What next? – Removing Al-Hajjaj – from Hijaz. – Really? He may not be suitable for Hijaz, but he’s suitable for other places. Iraq? – Pace be upon you. – Peace be upon you. All praise be to God, and in God’s Name we begin. People of Makkah, did you resent being led in this Dawn Prayer by a man from Thaqif tribe, rather than one from Quraish tribe? The Emir of Believers is from Quraish, and he assigned me as your prefect, And the former fact justifies the latter.

This is our last meeting, so I hope you can endure it. By God, I don’t know if what’s in your hearts corresponds to what shows on your faces. When I summoned you in the dead of the night, I expected that you came with fear and anticipation of what I’d do. I knew what you told the Caliph about me in private. He told me about it. What are you saying, Hajjaj? Calm down, Ibn Al-Hussami I’m not finished yet. I have been with you for many months, and it seemed like a lifetime for you. But I haven’t gotten used to you, neither did I grow on you.

As for me, I am like all people, I have good deeds and bad deeds, but you denied the former and dwelled on the latter, and you exaggerated it to make it look too appalling to the Caliph. By God, I harbor no grudges against you, but I’ll tell you this, especially Ibn Al-Hussami: may God reward you for what you did to me.

For when the Caliph heard what you said, he decided to put me in charge of better people. I am leaving you, and I’m parting ways with you, and I hope that the Caliph would replace me with someone who will make you remember my good days when he inflicts his tyranny upon you. We heard you, Hajjaj, so would you like to hear from us?

You didn’t come to talk to me after you talked to the Caliph. There’s nothing more to say after that. The news of Iraq are pouring in rapidly, and we’re hearing more and more bad news. And Al-Hajjaj was late in coming to us, so, we ordered him to report here immediately. – Have you made up your mind about this? – Wasn’t it your suggestion? It was, but the final say is yours. We’ll decide when we find a good man for the position. Hurry up, men, hurry up! – Faster! – Stop, I didn’t order that. Leave everything in its place.

If you find any money, furniture or supplies in this house, distribute them on the needy after I leave. Go. Go ahead, I shall ride alone and then I shall join you. This anger shall stay with me until I die. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 24 Should you leave this place, where would you go? I’ll proceed towards Makkah. If I met you in Makkah, Kulaib, and we crossed swords, defending Ibn A-Zubair, protecting him, and fighting with him against you, would you kill me then? Excuse me for not answering this question. No, I need to hear the answer.

Don’t you see that I led this army to topple Ibn Al-Zubair’s State? I know that. And that my goal to get to Ibn Al-Zubair? That’s right And you are standing between me and my goal. What if this was the case? I shall kill whoever stands between me and my goal.

I’m relieved to hear that, Kulaib. Now, I know where to go. No! Farewell, Hijaz land. I shall never return to you, except as a Pilgrim, with God’s will. Why did you leave your court at this time? News is being frequently reported from Iraq, and it distresses me.

I’m restless all night and all day. The last news that was reported to me was that your uncle Bishr bin Marwan died. – My uncle Bishr? – Didn’t you hear? He died in Kufa. Won’t you stop crying, Ramlah? Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 24 God Almighty granted us patience and endurance, so be patient. It has been a long time. I’m trying, but I can’t. The more time passes after what happened to us. the more grief I feel. It almost suffocates me. May God damn him and damn what he did! – Hajjaj! – Don’t mention his name.

I can’t stand hearing his name. I heard that he came to meet you here in Al-Madinah. Yes, and I met him here. If I were here, I wouldn’t have let him leave alive. Calm down, I am not a killer. He left with indignity and humiliation that are worse than death.

Tell me something, Ramlah, If Khaled bin Yazeed came to you after all this… How could you talk about this now? Yes, I will talk about it, to deter these black ghosts that haunt you, and to ease your pain. Yes. Whenever death haunts us, I deter it by talking about life.

So, tell me, if he came back, true to his word, how would you meet him? Make way and send someone to ask for the Caliph’s permission. The doors of the Caliph’s house are not closed – for Ibn Al-Zubair’s killer. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 24 – Woe betide you! I’m not Ibn Al-Zubair’s killer, but rather the one who demolished his state and toppled his caliphate. Al-Hajjaj bin Yusuf isn’t just a killer of a man. Never say that again. Go. We’re done with condolences for my brother Bishr, may God bless his soul.

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This court shall be held daily until we settle the issue of Iraq. My Lord, Al-Hajjaj bin Yusuf asks for your permission to enter. Let him in. Please, come in. – Peace be upon you, My Lord. – Peace be upon you too, Hajjaj. I heard the distressing news when I arrived to Syria, so I rushed to offer my condolence to the Emir of Believers, Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 24 May God grant him long life, and pray God to have mercy upon Emir Bishr bin Marwan. May God reward you for that. Weren’t you in a hurry to leave Hijaz?

What held you back? I only came, My Lord, after things settled down there. But that wouldn’t have happened until you left. – My Lord… – Never mind. I ordered that my court be held daily to discuss a certain issue. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 24 – So be there when it’s held. – My Lord, I am not a man of courts, so assign me what I’m good for.

Hold your horses, this is not how things are done. What is the issue that… Don’t try to deny this or evade it. You only rushed to offer condolences for the loss of my broth er and my appointed prefect over Iraq, because yo.

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