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The devil has an influence, and the Ruler has a sword. Hajjaj bin Yusuf Episode 28 .” I am here amongst you again with a different face and a different attitude.- Did you really do that? – Who told you? – You don’t deny it then. – No, but how did you know? Some women who came from Al-Madinah told me. Some women! “Some women!”

if they are of no good to you, then why are you seek them so tirelessly? I didn’t seek Sukaina bint of Al-Hussein for the reason you think. What else then? Isn’t she like other women? Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 28 If this upsets you, I have dismissed it. No, it dismissed you, you didn’t dismiss it. Tell me something, how did you do that? – What’s so strange about it?

Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 28

– And you dare ask? I am Atika, daughter of Yazeed bin Mu’awiya. And she is Sukaina, daughter of Al-Hussein bin Ali. How could you marry both of us? That’s exactly why I wanted to do it. How? I want to bridge the gap between Muslims and unify them. Through marriage? And it just happens that Sukaina is the one of the prettiest Arab woman.

If she wasn’t so beautiful, would you seek to bridge that gap? That’s enough, Atika, enough, call it a whim. – I forgot about that. – Before hearing her response? – I wasn’t waiting for it. – You were. But he didn’t come back with it. Do you know why? He escaped out of fear of what you might do to him.

And he knew that the Emir of Believers and the Caliph of Muslims, the Head of the Umayyads, was turned down. Atika! Atika! Atika! Enough, Atika, enough! Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 28 So, you don’t know me. You emerged from this darkness and we’ve never met before. Doesn’t your clairvoyance give you a clue? It would, if you came in daylight.

Day and night make no difference when it comes to clairvoyance. The night may even make it easier to foretell the future. Hajjaj Bin ysuf – What do you want? – Tell me if I will live long. Woe betide you, man! You ask me for what’s beyond my knowledge, and I cannot know. Yes, I asked about something impossible.

Tell me about life, not what beyond it. Tell me about Kufa and Basra, What would happen to them? A man shall come and rule them both with an iron fist, – and then, he leaves them. – Where to? For a new city, built by a man who is called … Kulaib. He names it Waset and he takes it …hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 28 I am Kulaib, What’s next? His power shall extend to many parts of the world. Take this money, you’ve given me what’s worth much more. What would I do with the money?

Don’t you see the bliss I live in? I do, but tell me, if that man died, I’m not asking you when, but rather who would succeed him for the rule? Speak. I am seeing a man, who is called… – Yazeed … – Yazeed who? Which Yazeed? I have nothing more, so leave me alone. Many people have this name, which one is he? I only saw what I told you so, let me be.

Without telling me? Search yourself for the man who would be eligible for what you fear, and ask him. Yazeed, Yazeed. I am seeing Yazeed bin Al-Muhallab. It’s him. Yes. Why did you hide that from us? I didn’t, I completely forgot about it. And you have remembered it now. I only remembered it because you kept talking about him. He’s all you talk about all the time.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re praising or criticizing him, I just remembered it and mentioned him. No, Hind, this is not the truth, you waited until you heard what we thought about him. I heard many things, hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 28 but I couldn’t tell if he was a good or a bad man. I only see bad things in him. Stay, we must address this matter. If you made him wait until we arrived, then here we are now. We have no excuse to turn him down unless you reject his proposal.

Give me some time. Peace be upon the Emir of Believers and the Caliph of Muslims, My Lord Abdul Malek bin Marwan, may God grant him long life, – and peace be upon those around him. – Peace be upon you too, Hajjaj. Peace be upon you too. Our messenger hasn’t reached you yet. I saw no messengers, My Lord, I came here on my own.

Well done, as I’ve summoned you for something which I’m relying on you for. I am at your disposal, My Lord. However… shouldn’t I first relay to you what I came with? Don’t you know the protocols, of the caliph’s court, Thaqafi? the caliph talks while you listen until he gives you permission to speak. Calm down, Omar.

It seems that the news Al-Hajjaj is carrying for us can’t wait. I couldn’t wait to report to you that we defeated Al-Azareqa Kharijites, and killed their Chief, Qatari bin Al-Fuja’a. We already know this, Al-Muhallab had reported it. My Lord, Al-Muhallab shouldn’t have done that while I’m your appointed prefect. Wasn’t it his war and his victory? I have something else, My Lord. The Shabeebi Kharijites were defeated. – And we killed Shabeeb. – This is such a pleasant news. Jaraplay.com

– I was sick of that Shabeeb. – The prefect of the two Iraqs wouldn’t have defeated him without your support, hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 28 My Lord. And I acknowledge that favor for My Lord the Caliph. Here you are, Hajjaj, so when war breaks out, you and I are the ones capable of facing it. The Caliph spoke the truth. You and I are the ones capable of facing the war.

You suppressed the seditions in Iraq, Hajjaj, and eliminated the Kharijites.. I don’t know how to reward you. I was rewarded by pleasing the Caliph. But I have something to say, if My Lord allows me to speak. We’ll leave it for later, Hajjaj. This day can’t handle some of what you reported, much less all of it. You will stay here for a few days and we will talk as much as you want. He went to Syria to meet the Caliph. I don’t know what would happen between them.

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This is not our concern, why worry about it? Tell me, Father, what if Al-Hajjaj talked to you about Hind? What if he has changed his mind? I don’t think this man changes his mind for he’s a spiteful man. Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 28 This not how these things are done, Yazeed. – But speak your mind. – Father, Al-Hajjaj is a lowly man, the Caliph raised him to his current status.

He is seeking to hide his lowliness which is eating his heart out, by approaching those who are superior in status as to be like them. Then he doesn’t want Hind for who she is. – but for her lineage. – hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 28 It’s simple then. Unless Hind… – Father, it’s not like that. – What is it then? Al-Hajjaj might get Caliph Abdul Malek involved in this, and he’s close to him, and then what could you or I do?

You are exaggerating, Yazeed. I can almost see it happening. If you are talking about me, I’ll leave. No, come here my dear, come. – Hajjaj Bin Yusuf Episode 28 Peace be upon you. – Peace be upon you too. Tell me, Omar… I mean, My Lord, Why do you hate me so much for no reason? Do you think so? there’s a reason for more than hatred. What is it? You are a tyrannical, unjust, spiteful, lying, envious and vicious man. I acknowledge three of these traits, and I deny two. I am like you said, spiteful, vicious and envious, I admit that.

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