Teskilat Episode 66 Urdu Subtitles free

From now on it will be Teskilat Episode 66 Urdu Subtitles free Tomorrow is best. – OK, thanks. Goodbye. – Goodbye. – What’s it? – Can you cancel this week’s schedule? – Why? – I’ll explain later. Forget it. – What am I supposed to tell people? – Make up some excuses. I’m out of here. I’m not taking those pills! Dad, what does ‘shooting a film’ mean? – Shooting a film?

Teskilat Episode 66 Urdu Subtitles free

– Aha. Now look. The button’s here. But taking a photograph doesn’t mean just pressing the button. If you know how to look from the right angle… …you’ll find beauty in everything. And if you capture that beauty, then you’ve taken a good photograph. Off you go then. There you go! Now to somewhere nicer. Özgür Turgut. Oh my God! The guy’s gorgeous!

Don’t laugh! Ankara-born photographer. Awards. Blah, blah, blah… Look, sure he’s not kidding you? He saw you had no memory. “How did you get into photography?” “My dad was actually a photographer so I’ve been close to it all my life. But I’d say my real interest began… …after a bike accident I had as a boy. ” What? What did you say? – He had a bike accident as a boy.

– That’s him? Why didn’t I twig? – Twig what? Who? – I don’t believe it! This way, precious. Let’s sit on that bench there. Good girl! – Here, a secret notebook for you. – Like my secret box? More secret than that. You must write in the notebook everything you feel in your heart. Minds forget, hearts never do. Can I write about the boy with the red bike? You little rascal! Well, they say great romances start with a fight. Yours started with an accident, didn’t it? –

Teskilat Episode 66 Urdu Subtitles free

I know it seems crazy, but I have no childhood photos. – That’s why I can’t be sure. – Are you from Ankara? – Yes. – Where did you live in Ankara? You Ankara guys meet… …and always end up knowing each other from somewhere! We lived in Çankaya. Is that where your father’s studio was? – In the Gazi district actually. – That’s where my grandfather lived!

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Grandpa’s sweet wafer! Dad, we’ll fetch you both tonight and go back to our place. Off you go to work now. Don’t go outside without your hat. OK, sweetheart? Do you have to make A ceremony out of it everytime? How come you get all the luck? – Sorry, what was your name? – Deniz. I’m Onur. Good to meet you. OK. Now Deniz, how about we take a few photos of you here, right now?

– You mean, with my hair like…? – Sure. It’s great. Perfect. In front of your childhood photo for instance. And suppose we use them later for a magazine cover? As publicity for the exhibition. – I don’t really know. – Thank you big time! You saved my life. – Hello? – What should I do? Just stand in front of your photo. Like this?

Teskilat Episode 66 Urdu Subtitles free

Weird, isn’t it? I have zero memory of a photo like this. Maybe you never came to pick it up. That’s why you don’t remember. Shall I tell you something else you don’t remember? – Yes? – While you were having this taken… …I was there too. Do we know each other? I’m really sorry. If I could find the thing. Hello, Zeynep? I’m on my way. I have to rush. My memory’s terrible.

Can you tell me straight out? If you come to the studio tomorrow, I’ll give you a copy of the photo… …and we’ll have a chance to talk. Onur, bring me a card, will you? – Thank you again, Deniz. – Thanks, Onur Bey. – Nice to meet you, Özgür Bey. – You too. Bye! Grandpa, what are they doing? Shooting a film, dear. Mum, do you shoot films with dad? Our film days are over, dear. Now c’mon, eat your dinner.

Grandpa, when I grow up I’m going to be an actor like you. Deniz, eat up if you’re going to. Otherwise go straight to bed. OK. Mum, can you move over a bit? One… Two… – Shall we shoot a film? – Huh? Grandpa’s little outlaw! Come here, c’mon! C’mon! That’s it. Now, Özgür, let’s listen to that heart of yours. Get better soon, lad. – You too. – Ah, you too! You too. – Özgür? Does it hurt a lot, dear?

Teskilat Episode 66 Urdu Subtitles free

– Aha. Oh, sweetie! Get up and let’s go. No, no. You must stay. – Really, why? – You said there was nothing serious? – He has an irregular heartbeat. – It’s his heart? We need to do an ECG. We should consult a cardiologist. – It’s his heart? – Yes. Come on. The man can’t even look after himself! How many times have I said not to let the girl out! No, it’s over. No more grandpa! She’s not going!

But we have to leave her with him till school starts! – Take a leave then! – How? I don’t have any days left! – Leave the job then. – Leave? Nice! – Who’ll pay the school fees then? – Great! So it’s snide comments now! – Yes! – Well? Plus the guy knows me. But I can’t figure out where from. – Özgür Turgut’s telephone? – Can I speak to Özgür? – I’m his manager, Onur. Who’s calling? – I need to speak to him in person.

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Anything to add? If not, I’m done. – Teskilat Episode 66 Urdu Subtitles free No, you’ve done a great job. – What’s it about? Can I help? – I can’t give you any details. – Can you hold on a second? – Hello? – Özgür Bey, hello. – I have Dr Erdem on the line. – OK. I’m here. – Özgür Bey? – Hello. How are you? Fine thanks. We’ve scheduled you in. In order for full recovery, we need to hospitalize you for a while. I see. How long do I have to stay? At least a week, Özgür. Well, is Wednesday OK? Let’s not delay it.

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