Yalnız Kurt Episode 14 in Urdu Subtitles

What are they doing like this all morning? They are thinking. But they don’t talk at all! They’re falling, Poplar. If you talk like that without thinking enough… …you’re talking nonsense. TRUE. Let me think about that too. Shhh. Forty foxes are running around in my head. The tails of forty do not touch each other. Sit down and let’s talk. Tell me. The day we decided to walk together… …what did we talk about with you? We said we will not be captive to these merchants. We said we’re going up. But instead of going up… …you’re walking down, bro. What is that mean? You brought the inferiority of Istanbul to your feet… …you had them kissed.

Yalnız Kurt Episode 14

. I saw how you enjoyed it. I’m asking you too. What does that mean? Wherever I go… …I bring the streets with me. I cannot deny my origin. I came here from the street. Do you want to go back? What are you asking me? We’re walking together. I ask where are we going. There is no confusion in my direction. We’re going up, to the top. I know the streets too. Besides his thousand and one evils… …there is man, himself, his own charm. It makes people feel alive. It increases your confidence. Where is Doğan, who made forty coyotes kiss their hands? Where is Doğan, who says you can command Mira as much as a finger?

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Did you miss the old one? Muddy streets are nothing to miss. What I said to you on the first day… …I’m saying the same thing now. If I don’t dominate the streets… …the people above won’t put me down. The ground will be firm so you can jump. If you don’t build a solid ground… …you won’t even be able to stand up, let alone go up. So you’re giving this hand-kissing ceremony as a message to the top, not… …to below. Are you saying that? I say it. They didn’t give me this seat for the sake of my eyebrows. If the Bevar bastard attacked my house… …it would come at a cost. Or do they not say… …that a man who cannot protect his own honor… …what good is it for us. I clean the streets first. My compass is clear. Clean up the upper floors first so that the front of your house is clean. Otherwise, even if you vacuum in the morning and evening… …they will still throw their messes from the upper floor. I see where the mud and the garbage come from and from which floor. Kurtoglu. I already have my eyes on them, I’m following them. Then let’s act accordingly. Then I will tell you in your language.

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