Yalniz Kurt Episode 11 in Urdu Subtitles

Uğur Mumcu had seen the imperialist… …play in the Middle East. He was constantly writing about it. They were afraid that people would see the truth. [Music Playing] Are you finished, Uğur brother? If you’re asking about my tomorrow’s post, I’ve finished it. Ahh. It’s the dark well of the Middle East. It gets deeper as you write. Did you also write down the Mossad connections you mentioned? I’m not saying that… …the guys who wrote a book called Israel’s secret wars. He explained the dirty connections of Mossad one by one.

Yalniz Kurt Episode 11

So what do you say? Imperial powers are collaborating with separatist groups in the Middle East. Either there is a big game… … or the Mossad and the CIA have joined hands… … they are fighting an anti-imperial war, we don’t know. This is a statement that will make some people very uncomfortable. Let it do. If I’m not going to tell the truth that I know, why am I writing? Brother, I say that if we demand a bodyguard police from the police. Anywhere near you. What do you say? And let’s not keep the state police busy. How did you respond to this Israeli Ambassador’s invitation ? I accepted the offer of food. Let’s see what will come of it. Let’s see. [Music Playing] [Music Playing] Dear Ambassador. Welcome to Mr. Uğur Mumcu.

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Thank you. How are you? Thank you. Here please. Thanks. You accepted my invitation. Thank you for being my guest. We are in Ankara, Mr. Grand Ambassador. You are the guest. As a host journalist, it is my duty to listen to your concerns. It would be wrong to say that my problem is my problem… …our common problem. I would like to have a little talk with you about the long-standing friendship between the Jewish peoples and Turkey .


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