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Say hi to your mom and dad a lot. Yalniz kurt episode 20 last in urdu subtitles. I am so afraid! No! Don’t be afraid, I’m here. I’m with you, beautiful girl. Come. – You go in, you don’t come out. Okay? – OK. Don’t touch my nephew. I will touch. We’ve come to the end of the road for both of you. Esra Turkmen. Or whatever your name is. Calm down. Let’s talk. I should have killed you when you were a kid.

– If you do something to me, they will ask you to account. – Only God can judge me! saree. Ella is inside. – Don’t tire yourself, okay. – Claim it. Do not worry. Walk the path you believe in. You will be fine. We will march together against the traitors. Don’t tire yourself. saree. Yalniz kurt episode 20 last in urdu subtitles Don’t let the rough tree be cut down in the shade. Don’t let your splendid flowing water dry up. Don’t break your wings.

In the employee… …Black Polat… …don’t let your own sword… saree. Kadir Mevla… …don’t let him make you needy. Don’t let the hope given by God be lost. Do not let the end of the end separate from pure faith. “Isn’t yellow writing befitting her?” “The rose is gone, my gasoline has turned into a gazelle.” “Oh, I’m going, and you refresh your tomorrow, refresh it.” “Take me from stone to stone, good.”

Yalniz kurt episode 20 last in urdu subtitles

“Good vote, good vote.” “Oh, I’m going and you freshen up tomorrow.” “Take me from stone to stone, good.” Girl, don’t be afraid. I’m not afraid. You have a long life to live in peace in this paradise land… …in this beautiful world. The world will be a better place when you smile. Make it solid. So don’t be destroyed by land. “The rose is gone, my gasoline has turned into a gazelle.”

“Oh, I’m going, and you refresh your tomorrow, refresh it.” “Take me from stone to stone, good.” I was very hopeful for you, Doğan Sakınmaz. A street-raised man. I said he knows the dark. But you turned out to be the simple street bully we know. I don’t know what they told you. Or what you see from where you sit, I don’t know. But the situation is different. Drop them. I don’t mind others. I judge by what I see. Yalniz kurt episode 20 last in urdu subtitles

Then we are talking in vain. You have already made the judgment, you broke my pen. Your neck is thinner than hair. – What comes with blood goes with blood. – You’re missing the big picture. This is the biggest weakness of men who grew up on the street. Yalniz kurt episode 20 last in urdu subtitles Not being able to see behind events. Altai is just like you. If I wanted to cut off your head, I would have done it… …the first day you had a fight with Nizam. Support Us

I thought you broke my pen. You are at the bottom. But you are not such an ordinary man to be thrown away and replaced by another… … Thanks, though. You do not believe. Because… Yalniz kurt episode 20 last in urdu subtitles …you think you can get a bullet in your head at any moment. You don’t know yourself, Doğan Sakınmaz. Just because you’re down… …isn’t the reason you’re inferior.

Do you think we haven’t seen the lessons you gave to Nizam? I always stood up for someone to see. I cut a raccoon. I kissed hands. That person is me, Doğan. I can’t escape my eyes what the following people do. Who do you think has been watching over you all this time? Yalniz kurt episode 20 last in urdu subtitlesThanks. It’s doomsday time. Make up your mind now. Make your choice. The government won’t let you live.

But if you walk with me, that’s when you can get the power and prestige you want. This is your last chance. Without wobble. Like a bird of prey. You will float in the sky like a falcon, lock onto the target shown to you, and dive. Otherwise, neither you will remain… …what you love will remain. No luck. Don’t forget. What we do is not emotional. He doesn’t need a heartfelt commitment… …or love for him.

You will be professional too. Respect and fidelity to death will keep you alive. Brother, are we okay? We are still alive. So how? What situation are we in? I don’t know, Sefer. Mixed. Chaotic. Should I turn right… …turn left… …I don’t know. Brother.

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It’s not my place, but when things get mixed up like this, you should always look at it from a simple place. What do I say, Sefer? You say I’m right, garlic, and onion, bro. Good bye bro. You always exist too, my brother. Any news? They went back to the breakfast place you all went to together. I say… …disappear. He’s going to the breakfast place. Let’s see what happened to that breakfast guy. Yalniz kurt episode 20 last in urdu subtitles – Mom, we saw a bird. – Wait, son, your mother won’t let us steal it again… …after. Love! Valiant. Escape. Escape.

“Zahid, don’t recognize us.” “Hey, your name is right, our language reads.” “Hey dear hey dear.” “Our language reads your right name. Thank you.” “Hey, hey buddy.” “Don’t tell legends. Whoa.” “Our way leads to the Holiness.” “Hey dear hey dear.” “Our way to the Holy See. Thank you.” “Hey, hey buddy.” “We don’t count with fingers. Haha.” “We are inexhaustible with the break. Hey dear.” “Hey dear. We don’t run out with breaking. Thank you.” “Hey, hey buddy.” Dude, everybody’s dead.

.Yalniz kurt episode 20 last in urdu subtitles

” You have a visitor. Surprise. We’re seeing each other often these days, Viking. Let the devil see your face. Don’t do it like this. What am I doing for you? You take all your anger out on me. Nobody asked anything from you. It won’t happen anymore. It’s not clear there. Your life is still in my hands. If I valued my life, do you think I would have spoken like that in court? I’m on your side now understand.

Well, I’m not on your side. What did I tell you? I said leave me alone. And did I say that because I was afraid of you? No. I said it because I was thinking of you. What government values you now? Nor is it appreciated. You are in a cell in northern Iraq. Your wife and children died on this road. was it worth it? If you say that I wouldn’t have followed you if I had the mind of today… …I will forgive you. You are… …the snake son of a snake. You can’t live without spilling your poison, can you?

Nothing you do… …isn’t enough, is it? Seventy is enough. Even the last thing I did was too much. I will not return to Turkey. I will go from here too. Wherever you run, I will find you. We had an agreement with you. You were supposed to help me escape. And I was going to give you the name of the murderer. I am ready now. On top of that… …I’m offering to get you out of here. Yalniz kurt episode 20 last in urdu subtitles Have you seen? We can talk calmly. A meeting will be organized under the supervision of the Americans. Northern Iraq Regional Government and Turkey will be the guarantors of this meeting.

Of course, some sacrifices will be required from Turkey as well. What are you talking about? What does this have to do with me? Can’t it be? You will preside over the Turkish delegation. Why is that? My side wants you. My side is clear. I do not serve you. Viking. Here’s a chance to serve the country. At the end of the meeting, the Northern Iraqi administration will promise to remove terrorist elements from the region. The issue is the meeting. It could be our ticket out of hell. What do you say?

Did you get it done bro? Did you see anything I couldn’t handle? Let’s go. What was Nizam doing here? I saw it coming out. It wasn’t enough to get me in. He came to play with my nerves. Now is the time to be calm. I started the proceedings. It’ll take a few days, but I’ll get you out of here. Yalniz kurt episode 20 last in urdu subtitles – Are you sure? – You can trust me. You are returning to your homeland. Here you go, sir. Yes sir. I am with you right now. Understood. We will do exactly as you say, sir. They called from the undersecretariat. .

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Come get it here! Where are my men? Where is Mira? Where is Nizamettin? Why is there no one with me right now? Damn. You are crazy. He’s good at making himself a target. I am no longer the target. They have. You wait here. – Brother? Yalniz kurt episode 20 last in urdu subtitles – I said stay put. What will he do? God knows. My boss. Good luck. How is it? They kidnapped Esra and her daughter together. In the woods … …when she said she was going to execute them both… …our daughter resisted heroically.

My fault. Tell me now. – What’s the real deal? – Where is the funeral? Removed to the morgue. Official proceedings are underway. Yalniz kurt episode 20 last in urdu subtitles I know the official part… – …is a mess, manager. – What do you know? saree. He told me everything. He trusted me more than you. Since you know everything. Let’s be frank then. Your conscience means nothing to me. Our son paid the price with his life for trusting you. No more contamination. The state will do whatever is necessary for the funeral. I am ready to do my best too.


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