Yalniz Kurt Episode 25 Urdu Subtitles free

You made 40 plans, Kurdoğlu. Yalniz Kurt Episode 25 Urdu Subtitles free What is the situation? Tell us what the plan is. They’re trying to corner us. What are we doing, my dear? We have to find the names of those two terrorists. Let’s go then, Abi. Don’t be fired right away.

Win Istanbul, are we going to call the scoop guys? Ferdi is right. We have nothing but the descriptions of those two bastards. Or is there such a man? Our time is running short. They don’t have real names. Fake names for the false flag operation. Of course, they entered under a false name.

Yalniz Kurt Episode 25 Urdu Subtitles free

But even if it’s fake, we need a name. The only place we can find them is the Humanist Foundation. All roads lead to Meryem girl. Come on then, let’s go get it. You are not coming. Why is that? Security is on the alert. He’s looking for me. If you appear with me, you will be suspicious. Oh my god, the president. Is there such a thing? But hook together. Let’s go whatever. I’ll go and do it quietly.

There’s nothing wrong with being crowded. There is a minus. Reason? We can’t get in there by hitting it. I have to get in and out before it happens. Gentlemen, Altay is right. If Altay is caught by the police, we have to be outside. Understood? Oh ok. We’re not going to sit outside, either. This time, I ‘m coming to Mount Akil with you, my brothers. This tactic is a masterpiece, sir. Yes. Tactics lead people to goals, Mira. But strategy is the ultimate goal.

Yalniz Kurt Episode 25 Urdu Subtitles free

My goal is to win tomorrow. And of course , there is Altay among those you want to win. Certainly. The first act of the game will be to win Altay. In the second act of the play, my nephew will be on my side. Yalniz Kurt Episode 25 Urdu Subtitles free you really believe that you can convince Altay? I do not believe. I know. But before Altay, there are others that I have to teach. For example, Aaron. Yes. Haruncan needs to stop shooting guns left and right like a vagrant. It’s time to learn strategy.

I said it before. This news is wrong. I was there. Things didn’t happen like that. How did it not happen, Mary? Altai is the killer. Everything is out there. He killed an innocent man. The man attacked us. Altai was protecting me. Are you sure girl? Of course I am sure. I saw everything. The man attacked with a gun. But Meryem look, that’s not what we see.

They call it city thugs. They’re looking for the man for murder. He killed the gunman, yes. I’m not saying anything to this. He confessed to me too. But believe me, it wasn’t an attack, it was a defense. I still can’t believe you’re trying to protect that man. Remember, Aaron. If that man, Altay, wasn’t with me, maybe I wouldn’t be with you right now.

Otherwise, if you were on my side, not Altay’s , none of this would have happened to him. They are trying to remove whoever Altay has tangled in their way. They do everything for it. These cryptos are everywhere. Yalniz Kurt Episode 25 Urdu Subtitles free Orhan Saim Halkali. Who is it? One of Fettah’s treacherous pens. do you know bro? From the very old. Turkey is the footman of its enemies. He’s been a hit man with a pen on a lot of covert issues . How do you know this name? I read it in a file deep down. In Altay’s secret files. Understood.

Yalniz Kurt Episode 25 Urdu Subtitles free

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Alparslan Episode 32 Urdu Subtitles

Is this the dishonor who makes Altay look like a murderer? He shared it on his social media account and then wrote it in his column. You know what’s next, it’s on all news bulletins. Doesn’t he also say a servant of Allah, brother? What are the mobese footage doing in the hands of this scumbag journalist? Look, can I tell you something? Doesn’t this Altay have a treacherous uncle? I think he definitely has a hand in this.

There are so many of them, Brother Barış. So we cannot say who it is, but we can start by asking Orhan Saim Halkalı. Then let’s see how we can find these two men whose descriptions we know. How do we find it? Born bro. You know these illegitimate works. Who makes a fake passport? If they got a fake passport, the address is clear. But you can’t go there in a flash. They make a mess.


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