Yalniz Kurt Episode 4 in Urdu Subtitles

There are those who think that I am after power. Those who think like this are the people of the world. Do I deal with such small things? What do you call power? At the age of 20, I am the person who planned that I would overthrow him and put someone else in his place. Yes. I am your age. I did not pay attention to the words of the heedless people who wanted to keep me from my path. I walked on the right path I know. You will do the same. It’s true that you were followed until you got here tonight. It is true that you are followed in your school. It is true that you are closely followed up in the civil service. It is correct that you are committed to the files. But God’s grace manifested a truth that could take all these truths as if they were lies and push them aside . Listen carefully. Operation Huruç began. In the autumn of this year , before the end of 1980, I hope Turkey will embark on a new path.

Yalnız Kurt Episode 4

You come with me, quick. Run Run! They’re coming, son. Hurry up. It’s almost time, dad. Hello. Don’t worry darling. We’re leaving right now. You go down to the garage. How much is left? Finished. You take my mother too. Joyful? I have to destroy what’s left. I’ll catch up with you. Father. Be careful. Hurry up, Day.

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I’m emptying this place. I have the copy of the project. Daytime destroys the rest. If anything happens to me, it’s up to you. Where is it during the day? Coming. Come on, don’t linger. Do not be afraid. I’m not afraid. What is written on our foreheads is what will happen to us, Cengiz. Come on, come on, don’t linger. There will be no bottom, corner, right or left. Is it clear to look everywhere? Come on! Quick! Traitors! Yes, sir. Let’s go guys! Come on come on! Good morning bro.

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