Yalniz Kurt Episode 16 in Urdu Subtitles in Urdu Subtitles

What the is this? What if you’ve never seen a trash can in your life? Do you ever know the reason for cleaning? Boy are they guys like you and me? Have they ever done… …cleaning in their life? My son, they all have servants and servants. Don’t make me say my brother Reşat, they are deleting me now. – Repent, repent. – Akif, I don’t know that place. I’m not interested either. But these guys are paying us a lot of money. You see, they are our bread and butter. The customer is our benefactor account. Understood. Thanks. My son Akif, your duty is to clean up. What are you messing with? Clean it up. My God. Resat! I came bro. – Here you go. – Come. Do you know this man? Which one bro? Look at this. – I think it’s the first time I’ve seen him. – I guess I don’t understand, Reşat. Do you know? – No, I don’t know bro. – Never seen it before? I didn’t see it. Are you sure? I’m sure Altay brother, so this man didn’t come here while I was here.

اکیلا بھیڑیا قسط نمبر 16

OK. You can go out. Who are you? Sorry. Do you know Mira? I trust very few people in this life. Isn’t that the rule of your business? It has nothing to do with my job. As long as I know myself, I am. Then someone did something that would shake your trust. Let’s leave the past. Let’s look at today. You are one of the very few people I trust. Thank you. In the case of Altay, I could have said that this girl had lost her heart to a man. But I didn’t. Because you have never mixed your feelings in anything. You know very well the points where you need to draw the boundaries. I learned from you. We both learned by experience. It is the most powerful way to learn. You are right. You deserve a thank you for letting me know about Altay. Just hearing that from you is enough for me. I’m just doing my duty. Believe me … …it’s much more than a job done out of duty.

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Are you sure it’s him? I think it takes a few more steps to prove it. I know those eyes, Mira. My inner voice won’t lie to me. Altay Kurtoglu is my nephew. What is the next step? Time to meet Altay one-on-one. Altai is ready. Set yourself a reward. Say whatever you want from me. Altai. Of course, if you see fit. It’s too early to talk about this. I don’t want you to get caught up in a dream for now, dear Semiramis. I will do my best to change your mind. You make mistakes. You have to know not to be daring when you work with me. How you order. Where and when would you like the meeting to be? Bring my nephew here. Of course sir. Do you know what cash means? Of course bro.


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