Yalniz Kurt Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitles

What’s your name? Yavuz Yıldırım is my brother Halit Yıldırım. Shh okay okay. Come on. It’s passed, it’s passed. First Lieutenant – Commander Yalniz Kurt Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitles The little one doesn’t speak out of fear. But the elder told what happened. Last night, a group of men came to the village with their vehicles.

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They shouted communists, the children heard. Of course, everyone in the village is their relatives. They shouted the name of Kemal Yıldırım, the father of these children. Yalniz Kurt Episode 2 Urdu Subtitles Akela Bahria Episode 2 In UrduThey were looking for him and they killed the evil last man. Kemal Yıldırım’s main occupation is bakery, sir.

He is a religious person who is believed to be loved by people. For this reason, he is also the imam of the village. I know the villagers well. They were all people who loved their country and were loyal to their state. I know David, I know, it’s a blood feud anyway. It doesn’t look that simple, sir.

Yalniz Kurt Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitles

So what? Do you have any other information on the subject? Kemal Yıldırım had been in contact with intelligence recently. There are statements about the spying activities of the American peace volunteers working in the region. What would an American do with the imam of the village?

They recruited some Turkish intelligence personnel to work on behalf of the CIA, sir. Look, David, my first lieutenant, don’t make the water muddy. You’ll get us in trouble. What America! All of the children’s relatives died.

Yalniz Kurt Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitles
Yalniz Kurt Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitles

The subject of those who will be left in the orphanage is closed! I would like to be personally involved. It’s possible. You wait for me here now. I’ll talk to your manager and come over, okay. Wow grandchildren! Bald on the first day? Your head is number three too! It’s good on your neck,

give me a full swag. – I do not give! You give, you give. I do not give! My father left it to me. No, he left it to me. Be heavy! – He attacked first, Turan! Then! Yalniz Kurt Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitles Then nothing. We were already going. Did something happen? – No. Turan! What’s happening? Public order is perfect, commander,

Yalniz Kurt Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitles

we’ve done it, it’s okay. Well done, my orphan wolves, your new brothers Yavuz and Halit. From now on, Yavuz and Halit will be what the four of you are. You will protect and watch over you. OK. The same goes for you, Yavuz. Know these four friends as your brother Halit.

From now on, your path and your destiny are one. Look at me. Never tilt your head forward. The murderers of your parents’ relatives will be punished. I promise to do my best for it. You will be a great man who is good to your country and your nation. Promise? –

Promise. But I’m tired of you pissing now! look at me. Does it suit you, you naughty lice pup! Look, frost control is not in the regulation now. If it is not in the regulation, Yalniz Kurt Episode 2 In Urdu Subtitles it does not exist here. so what, no frost control here from now on, okay! Did you understand!

Or I’ll get you this hose! Lice puppy! get up! Ok ok we got it. Top! We are orphans! We do not have our mother, brother, sister, or aunt! We have no one but us! We are brothers not by blood, but by life bond, we are enough for each other! We are together not today, but every day, not now,

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but always! We are orphan wolves! – We are orphan wolves! We are together to death! – To death! Bride. Is that how the ball is hit? Let’s see, my son. You know a lot. That’s how Lefter hits the ball. So how do you know Lefter? Come on son, come on, bow! Brother, my pee came. –

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This time I have too. Hold on, what should we do now? – How much is left? My son, have a little patience, it’s almost time. You are idiots, the manager gave the punishment to Halit, why are you all standing? He is our brother, the punishment done to him is considered to have been done to us. When you piss under Halit, you will stand alone, right? you know well.

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The weather is nice for us, let the one who complained about Halit to the manager think. What will happen suddenly one night? Are you threatening me, you gangster! Hit this kid with a belt again, you’ll see the gang and your head! but you were a master thing when you first came.

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They made you look like yourself too, Yavuz Efendi. Brother is like brother. how long is the punishment still not over? It’s not over, it won’t be over. Are you the steward of my pleasure? When I wanted it to be over. But I love you, you know, even if I get angry sometimes, I love you. After all,

all the children here are entrusted to me. Anyway, that’s enough for today, okay, let’s see. Finally! Finally! my feet! It came from the remote! – Look who’s coming! Let me take these three. Hop Turkish youth! Come on, come on!

Watch In HD Yalniz Kurt Episode 2 Urdu Subtitles

Come on now. take it take it take it take it Now come share them outside together, okay? Look calmly, slowly. Well done Turan, sharing is a virtue. How are you with other kids? Forget the other kids, commander. Let’s get along well, we’re enough for everyone.

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We are orphan wolves! So, Mustafa Efendi, I said to you to be brothers, I did not say to be a gang and trouble the nation. Whoever said that we are not in trouble for anyone is a lie. I don’t fully trust you, but what was that one foot penalty outside then? Something happened and I said something,

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then they did something to us, then we didn’t do anything. Is that what Khalid is? It was like that, as my brother Turan said. well, let it be so. How did Yavuz get used to your new friends? They are not our friends, they are our brothers. I did a research on your father Kemal Yıldırım.

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You are very lucky to be the son of such a father. Everyone says good things behind their backs. Do they also say who did it? That matter is a bit complicated, Yavuz. Your father went after some agents who betrayed our state. What if Yavuz’s father was a spy?


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