Yalniz Kurt Episode 8 in Urdu Subtitles

Father. I am here. Oh boy. Come come. Did something happen? No, I don’t hurt anywhere. Ah, thank goodness. Let me see. Aren’t you okay? Come on. oh. Teas are great. Hot Hot. -Thanks. -Thank you bro. Here you go, be careful, slow. Ok Uncle Mustafa, thank you. Are you scared? I’ve never been afraid, have I, father? Of course, don’t be afraid, but you scared us, son. I thought I saw something. I was just going to look at him.

You didn’t see your front like that while gawking. Don’t say such things to my nephew, Yavuz. When you were this age, you were walking around in shorts. Of course. Mustapha is right. Look at my Yigit. At this age, he went hunting with his father’s friends. He will learn gradually. Such things happen.

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Look how well your uncle Mustafa said. Man learns in life by accident. But the important thing is not to forget what you learned. I learned now. I will never fall into a ditch again. What did you learn? It’s what you said. Don’t be the hunted while hunting. What will you do for it? You will follow in the footsteps of those who go first.

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