Yalniz Kurt Episode 6 in Urdu Subtitles

I hope you send it to Faruk Pasha. -I hope so, sir. We need to talk. -Does Doğan know about his arrival? -I’ll handle it. What will we talk about? I’m coming from Viking’s side. Got new instructions? He also wants to get information about Doğan’s business outside of here. If only you had. You are with me 24/7. Doğan does not bring me closer to his work. Esra had never learned anything detailed, either. You are more resourceful than Esra. You can handle it. Altai.

Yalnız Kurt Episode 6

Don’t take your eyes off Dogan. Everything you hear is very important. I don’t understand your business. Agency is not for me. It’s not spying anyway! I say keep your eyes and ears open. -Viking, Doğan’s– -What? What will she do to Doğan? He will finish his work. Are you going to shoot the horse we are riding? He has something to know. You were the one who said we need Doğan to reach the names above. If Doğan leaves, we will have lived all this in vain.

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And Esra will have died for nothing. The goal should be to get closer to number five. Whoever that man is, we need to find a way to get him here. Do you think Nizam will take me with him? Or you will disable me and continue on this path. -What are you talking about? -Why? Maybe after Doğan, you’ll be in Nizam’s bosom? What do you know about Sezai Sirmen Pasha ? I’ve been a non-commissioned officer for three years.


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