Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 in Urdu Subtitles free

I thought of you, not myself. didn’t it? Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 in Urdu Subtitles Is your problem with Halit Bey or with me? I have a problem with both of you. Did you kill Abraham Muller? Menu. What can I get you? Did you kill Abraham Muller? What do you think? did i kill? I wasn’t sure. Did you kill? Do you have the strength to learn the truth?

Always. That crazy partner of yours. Aaron Can. He killed it. What is that? Didn’t you believe it? Am I to believe that Harun Can is the murderer? Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 in Urdu Subtitles The man has an army of mercenaries at his disposal. Why wouldn’t you believe? It’s an official company. It coordinates aid to civilians in war zones .

It provides security to volunteer staff. Like you, the state doesn’t kill people for taste. You gave the verdict. According to you, I’m a hitman working for the state. Really? I think it’s like that. Otherwise, how can you be so comfortable? I do not work for anyone.

Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 in Urdu Subtitles

But it seems to me that you are all under the command of Halit Yıldırım. What do you say, ma’am? These people had to leave their homes. Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 in Urdu Subtitles Because of war. All the Humanist Foundation does is help them. Do you understand? Halit Yıldırım is using your foundation as a front.

Can you understand this? To start a new war. Other. Trained terrorists who will fire missiles from Turkey to Greece are also under the protection of your foundation. Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 in Urdu Subtitles How could you accuse me of waging war?

If I had thought you were involved on purpose, I wouldn’t be sitting across from you right now. Thanks. At least you think I’m innocent .Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 in Urdu Subtitles I’m sure today. So help me. How dare you? We are both anti-war. Are you anti-war?

Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 in Urdu Subtitles

You blocked the aid convoy in Syria. It wasn’t enough, you kidnapped Abraham with a gun in your hand. You don’t sound very pacifist to me. I did my best to protect the interests of the Turks . What does Turkish interest mean? It means the well-being of 85 million people living in this country. It means peace.

It means peace. You are a Turkist. Of course I am. What else would I be? I’m sorry, but you’re a fascist. So you’re calling me a fasho? Yes. Fasho. That’s exactly what I’m saying. You are a hitman working for the deep state with a gun on your waist. I surrender. Then shoot me.

You save the world from a fascist. Don’t talk nonsense. Remove this please. Coming here was a big mistake. Aren’t you okay? I’m fine, let me go. Everyone stay down. What are you doing? I have to stop him before he harms anyone. Calm down. Everyone, calm down. You come to the back.

Please calm down. Nothing will happen. Mom, come, come, come, you go to the back. Please calm down, it’s okay. Come my lamb, come there is nothing. Come come. Please stay down, everybody stay down. Nothing. Calm down, calm down. You all please.

Calm down, are you okay? It’s over, don’t worry. Is it OK? Yes. Oh my God. Who was that man? What did he want from you? It wasn’t after me. He shot at you in broad daylight among so many people . You endangered everyone. “He wasn’t after me.” I say. What was he after then?

You were the target, Meryem. Now listen to me. The danger has passed. Everything is fine. Hello? My manager is Altay. Where are you son? Nerem Johnson was attacked. The girl is fine. Man down. The cops will be here soon, you stop them. No one but us. Let them not obscure the evidence.

Okay, I’m stopping the team that came there. I’m sending my own team. Do you know who the attacker is? Mary was the last person to meet Abraham Muller. He may have something to do with the murder. Don’t get caught without knowing the details. Just send the address.

We’re going to your commander, Enver. You’re welcome, my manager. Are the police coming? They’ll be here soon. I called someone I trust. I don’t want your deep steps. I want state police. I called the police chief, Meryem. Who might want to hurt you? How should I know?

I saved so many lives. I have stepped on the veins of a lot of trouble. Give me my photo. stay with me. Why? Maybe we’ll find a clue. Alright. Keep it. You just look at it. You will never see me again after this. Sir Dogan? You know hawk hill. If you come, we’ll talk there.

Thanks. The operation on the Stinger missiles continues. We must have a strong hand in the tension between Turkey and Greece, which will move the stones. Our brother Yucel will contribute to this issue. The Supreme Consul You got to know our Brother Yucel. Now it’s time for him to get to know you too.

Hopefully. Rashid Hanzade. He is the strategic adviser of the consul. Its roots in the Ottoman Palace are our bond with history. In addition, it is our light and our forward-seeing eye in the tasks that the consul will undertake in the steps he will take. Mr. Karacabey compliments.

What matters is the path shown by the one who holds the light. We can only guess further. Without ignoring the margin of error, of course. Unfortunately, we are all human, Brother Rasheed. To err is in our essence. Do n’t we sit at the same table so that we can watch each other’s mistakes, Mr. Karacabey?

Muammar Serender. Also known as Muammer Hodja. It is the main actor of the real estate market in contact with the whole world. Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 in Urdu Subtitles He is also a highly skilled intellectual in charge of academia in Turkey. The state of the academy in Turkey is well known. Understand how gifted I am. Halit Yildirim.

The public recognized him as Beyazıt Yenişehir . It protects the Supreme Council in the legal field. He also takes great responsibility in execution. Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 in Urdu Subtitles Due to our origin, we had many common friends in the past. I wish the brotherhood of the consul Hopefully. Peyami Environmentalist. Media activities and public opinion management pass through his hands.

If the camera had not been invented, Peyami would have taken care of it for sure. Why? Out of a movie buff? No. Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 in Urdu Subtitles Out of my curiosity about secret lives. What happens behind closed doors changes the world, Yücel Director. you know. Five people you don’t know will be surprised.

But Peyami catches up. Ghani Written. The consul’s door to today’s world, to tomorrow and change. It follows online betting, gambling, digital money and the world economy moment by moment. Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 in Urdu Subtitles Money does not sleep. I don’t sleep either. In the order I set up, I run young and bright minds 24 hours a day.

In this new digital world, the vigilante snatches the money. Yes. Since the acquaintance chapter is over, good luck for the new term of the consul. Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 in Urdu Subtitles The Sèvres plan is a fate that was disrupted 100 years ago. It will come back to the table. Turkey cannot escape this.

We will be one step closer to Sevres when the Turkish army’s Stinger missiles are fired from Turkey to Greece . Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 in Urdu Subtitles What is the important issue, our boy? Altai. Your business is running hard. These are gruesome things, Ahmet. If there was an easy way, would he stay in Altay? Thanks.

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Alparslan Episode 32 Urdu Subtitles

We can even call it a historical artifact. Because after a while, you will only be able to see that money in museums. Look. Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 in Urdu Subtitles This is the money of the new era. Can you guess how many coins there are in this card with the picture of the fancy queen you showed in that hand ? My guess is Gani Bey, my brother Muammer Hodja understands money.

And from women. Money is money. Whether it’s banknotes, coin or digital, money rules the world. We should follow the developments in the world and try not to lose our power in this field. Did you follow the last move of the Catholic Church, Brother Gani? Of course, Karacabey. I did.

Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 in Urdu Subtitles

Please share. Of course sir. The process , which was initiated with the edict of Pope Francis, was concluded at the beginning of October. Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 in Urdu Subtitles And all the movable assets of the Catholic Church in the world, namely its money, were collected in the Vatican Bank, in the Vatican. Yalniz Kurt Episode 23 in Urdu Subtitles.

This is a sign of a global economic crisis. The meeting we organized for the participation of Yücel Director has come to an end. Thank you bros. Did something happen to Meryem? No. Where is the attacker? It’s in the hands of the police. right? No. Murdered. Clashed with the police? There was Altay Kurdoğlu with Meryem. What would Mary have to do with Abraham’s murderer?


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