Yalniz Kurt Episode 10 in Urdu Subtitles

Yigit, you let him go right away. But mom, I’m going to be the hunter. I said please, you’re leaving. Why don’t you let me Is this a toy, son? Very dangerous! I’m not playing. I know it. I know how to hold it. My father showed me in the woods. This is not the forest,… …I’m not your father, Yigit! OK? I said it’s over. Why are you crying mom? I’m scared, baby. What if you hurt yourself? Dad! Sir, my Yigit? Say something to my mom.

Yalnız Kurt Episode 10

My mom won’t let me play with the rifle. Did you play with the rifle? Our son will be a hunter. He was aiming with a rifle. If you play with the rifle before it’s time… …you become the prey, not the hunter. Didn’t I tell you… …not to touch her? I couldn’t touch it, I was holding it in my hand. Hey, I mean, I couldn’t tell. Really? Yigit,… …look, son.

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You will never touch it again. You will not hold. Never! You’re not going to take it down there without my permission. Okay? Ok dad. Look how you upset your mother too! I’m sorry mom. My smart son. So you’re going to be a hunter, huh? Yes, it is, father. Well, you were going to be a politician, an artist… …, a scientist? Did you quit? No, there are also athletes. You forgot it.

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