Yalniz Kurt Episode 27 Urdu Subtitles free

Let the native Montenegro Yalniz Kurt Episode 27 Urdu Subtitles free not be destroyed The lake will come, your purpose will not be cut Let the majestic flowing water not break the wings of the Board You are the infidel of the Black sword who works, May the Kadir Mevla not make you needy in your ungodly God gave me hope, God gave my hope, let the end of the end not separate the bee from faith You will leave Ms. Meryem But first do what I say you will Meryem what happened They kidnapped me for 6 months did they hurt you, are you okay.

I’m fine Don’t worry, what do they want from you, they want you from there lessons I don’t know to stop you but Don’t be afraid, they can’t do anything to me Meryem If they’re looking to kidnap you, they ‘ll do anything . I can’t leave you there p you were right from the beginning now we have a chance to stop a war together Altay we will succeed Now has shrunk, let’s see how you will answer my father, God damn it, it didn’t work. What are we going to do now, if they hurt him.

Yalniz Kurt Episode 27 Urdu Subtitles free

I’ll drown them in their blood, you know they searched for Meryem, you know, you would come back when you heard her voice. Well, what would happen if she said “Save me” in 6 months? My other time If your mind is on Mary, call Meryem, come back and save me, I’ll take care of these terrorists, I’ll take down that Harun Can guy even if it costs my life, call me I’ll save this girl, I won’t go back.

Meryem, I want this, who may have kidnapped Meryem , Yalniz Kurt Episode 27 Urdu Subtitles free this guy from under all the dirt come out, do your treacherous plans The woman puts it as Bait so that we don’t get in the way Trusting his father’s money while working, he is worthless. Tell me exactly where are we going now, Devrem Look.

now what is the best place for them to transfer from the caravan to the sea, Yalniz Kurt Episode 27 Urdu Subtitles free a place where such clandestine affairs can be turned around, next to the grass that no one knows, where the caravan can come, where you can get to the island in 3 minutes, as soon as possible. Do you have a guess where is this place? it has to be Me and me, Meryem broke all our plans.

Are we going to kill her Mira You really don’t know who Meryem is, you tried an assassination targeting her before, then the job would be over 6 months, we would not be suspected, we would get rid of Altay corner and pull him to our side But now everything has changed so much, I can’t do anything to her.


Excuse my audacity Sir, but Meryem dear, she has caused us a lot of trouble. Why is this woman so important? This woman represents the future of a great structure. Because what am I against? It is not our place to talk about the reason for luck, I understand, sir, I do not bring up this subject again, what will we do now if we cannot touch him ?

Welcome Yucel manager He found it nice My brother, please , are you sure that detaining Meryem Hanım is the right move? Is it right, according to Yucel? The important thing is whether it is logical or not. Do you have any doubts? If the Turkish-Greek war starts, we will be detaining him to protect him. He didn’t come , I just invited you to talk about this.

Yalniz Kurt Episode 27 Urdu Subtitles free

I would like to personally present the idea of ​​​​seizing the consul to Mr. If the ground is ready, they will probably approve. He would not send you here if the mechanism he was affiliated with had not prepared the ground. It was a flare. I am preparing the necessary conditions here, Brother Yucel. If we capture the consul, then we will be managing a very large power.

I will arrange to meet like an empire immediately. Do not doubt that it does not go faster, even if you attach the missiles in the back and launch it, it will not go any faster than that, Harun Can Bey If I have more, I’ll fly two missiles behind it if I have to. We’re running out of time for this caravan. Let them look at all of them without frightening them with things like that.

Yalniz Kurt Episode 27 Urdu Subtitles free

Well, my manager, the coast guard was informed when I was informed, they will be vigilant as if they are doing a routine patrol, but let’s be very careful, so without the clipboard, this is a name softly. You’re welcome. About us. I wasn’t nervous now, if it was one of the old cars, we already caught you, after no action, whether it’s the latest model sports car , what should I worry about ?

What you did will not be paid for what you have done. How happy is this country that it has children like you, we are trying to say about what this country gave us, I am not the only one I have many brave men with me Yalniz Kurt Episode 27 Urdu Subtitles free Yalniz Kurt Episode 27 Urdu Subtitles free , thank you, God bless you all. By the way, we found your car on the highway and there was no one in it. we’ll deal with it or we have it They left me for 6 months What’s going on, you’re okay? Why did they leave me or did they succeed?

Did they succeed for 6 months? Yalniz Kurt Episode 27 Urdu Subtitles free No, they failed, their great war plan fell through you drowned what you did is such an important thing that you helped a lot too Was my time good Will we be able to see you more often, Commander, God knows, I’m calm Ask about yesterday and today, I will tell you when my tongue turns, but we can’t control the next minute . That’s why there is no point in being a Windmill in this world.

I swear I’m a straight man, I’m straight, I walk straight, I live straight, I don’t have a problem with that. Is it so, Commander, you continue on your straight path, mustakim united mis commander , the leaven of these lands does not hold evil, of course we will get better Lightning, you did a great job by preventing this missile scheme May God have mercy on your ancestor, but from now on, the important sword draws the sword You You’ll be cold with the sword of course they will try to give your answer Always be awake.

Alparslan Episode 32 Urdu Subtitles

Be united Why do the shoulders touch each other in the prayer line Gratitude Hodja So that the devil does not interfere, Commander, you will immediately be united, do not bring the devil in between you, the one who looks from the outside will see you as a whole leaf from the branch will be a toy of the wind Sheikh dedebali’s As he said, your load is heavy, your work is tough, Your strength depends on the hair, may God help you.

Amen Amen, today is the wedding day, if the Commander allows, give your Yalniz Kurt Episode 27 Urdu Subtitles free instrument its due, if the tradition is not allowed, play it, and say it. Mountains from their voices, if you give their voices, they should be neighing, Kalkan voice, I am Kalkan’s voice, Mountains lovers should call out, they should never call hey should rust hey hey he’s back from his own glory give your life away from your own glory give most of it in the square from the blood.


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