Yalniz Kurt Episode 7 in Urdu Subtitles

Sergei Diapov. Life imprisonment. Unama War. 40 years hard imprisonment. Ali Yilmaz! Are you Turkish? I am Turkish. Welcome to hell. Forget the outside. There is an entrance here. There is no exit. My only job here is to keep you inside. For survival, everything is free. But if you try to escape, you will be hunted without warning, without interrogation! There are two ways to survive here. First of all, you can be beaten by good manners. or you get beat up. I beg! I want to live. Please please, I want to live. You know, the loser dies. Let the dogs go. Help! Please help me! I want to live! 27, 04, 41. Do not forget these numbers. Come on.

Yalnız Kurt Episode 7

Our man is inside. Let me know when you get a picture. OK. Where Project Lightning is, it will soon be the scene of a spectacular explosion. A picturesque image will appear. If Picasso were alive, he would want to paint his picture. I do n’t understand why you’re keeping me away from this operation. You got Sezai Sirmen Pasha out of our way. It was noisy but clean work. He was appreciated. At this stage, In order for the business to run smoothly, I need to prepare. When will you inform? Step by step, Nizam.

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The key name of the operation is Ulvi Pasha. You concentrate on it. What situation are we in? I sent word to see you tonight. Everything is fine. Beautiful. One day a German officer asks Picasso. Did you make this guernica painting? Picasso turns and answers the man. No. You did. Thank goodness I saw these days too. God bless my business.


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