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My beautiful daughter… …you are the best thing for me these days. Yalniz Kurt Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles Hazel! Happiness! Happiness! Happiness! saree! saree! – No, Mr. Doğan. – Where is Ela? – Sleeping. – Where is Ela? I put Ela to bed about an hour ago. Where is saree? He hadn’t come yet when I was sleeping. Sare, don’t do what I think. Aren’t you going to say hello to your uncle, Yigit? You are my father’s trust. It’s sudden, Yigit. I know it’s not your fault. But it is no longer hidden between us. Mira is waiting for you outside.

Now it’s election time. Either us… …or the state. Would you go without me? From now on, you are without me and I am without you. I’m number five…. Yalniz Kurt Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles It’s inconvenient for me to know what he’s telling you. I’m just a pigeon delivering a message. Hazel! Hazel! Hazel! Hazel! Where are you, Ella? Ella, where are you? Hazel! Hazel! Where are you, Ella? You will look under each stone one by one. Send a car now. You’re welcome, brother. Gather! The slightest thing.

Hearing and seeing… …will come and let you know when it happens. Pack up. Come on. My brother is not in the garden either. The children are looking around. I sent a man abroad. Let them ask what they see. Surely there will be someone who knows. Yalniz Kurt Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles You’re welcome, brother. – Let me come too. – You stay, Sare. – Where is this girl? – I don’t know, Mr. Doğan. Where is saree? I don’t know, I swear I don’t know anything. Who wants what from my baby? Sir, we have reached the monitoring room. There are cameras in all rooms. But they transmit images from satellite to another place.

اکیلا بھیڑیا قسط نمبر 19

There are no records. – Is there an Altai? – No trace. Please wait outside. Altai… Let it come. Could you leave me alone with my nephew, doctor? It’s your nephew. Please. Come in. Our precious. You made the right decision, Yigit. I knew you would choose us. Yalniz Kurt Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles For years, I have been saying that my nephew’s place is next to me. Are you dying? My savior has come. I will not die. Do you remember me, Yigit? your uncle. I remember an uncle, yes. But it’s… …not you. You are not the Yigit I remember.

TRUE. I’m not that kid whose mother and father were killed and thrown into the abyss. So stop this uncle nephew . Yigit died that night. You are standing in front of me. We will build a new world with you. You are not dead. I will not die either. The old man used to say to me. Every creature will taste death. It is not the word of the old man… …it is the order of Allah.

The fifty-seventh verse of Surah Ankebut. There is more to it. Then you will be returned to us, says God. How would you like to face him? I’d like to leave with all my accounts of this world… …closed. Do you see me as an account that you should close as well? You betrayed your friends with whom you made a fateful alliance. You sold the sons of the immaculate homeland that you grew up with.

You caused my mother and father to die. You left me to die too. Yes. Before I close my account with you… …I don’t want to appear before God. It is very easy to believe lies. The real power is to believe in the truth… …the facts. Tell me. Halit Yildirim. Or Beyazit Yenişehir. Or number five. Your life was filled with so many lies. Do you expect me to believe what you say is true? I’m not waiting. I want. Listen and believe what I say. Welcome. Did you bring the Dahhak magazine?

– We brought it, commander. – Let me see. This is the Bible Commander. You go inside, pour tea and I’m coming. You’re halfway there, commander. These are the last draft of Dahhak magazine before it goes to press. I have already read the articles. I’m analyzing the images now. – Do you understand, commander? – Not all of them. They used Christian symbols. Need an expert. Is that why you brought the Bible? For Christian symbols.

If Islam is the sun, they do not get their light from the sun, Yavuz. His language is foreign. His style is foreign. It’s a stranger. It tastes foreign. Everything about this magazine is foreign to the children of this country. Where is Yunus Emre’s pure Turkish, mysticism. Where is the forked, poisonous tongue of these secret missionaries? Dahhak is trying to impose a secrecy in the eyes of the golden generation… …from the eyes of the Christian clergy

. What a pity. Events in Şanlıurfa’s Siverek district can not settle down, dear listeners. Five members of the tribe died in the raid … …at an iftar dinner attended by the chief of the tribe in a village affiliated with the Bucak tribe… …the chief and his son survived the attack with injuries. Law enforcement officers have started exercises on the subject quickly. What’s going on, commander? They lit the fuse in the East, Yavuz. They want to enslave the children of this country by killing them.

They looked, they couldn’t invade us from the outside. They’re putting trojans… …in us. They start fires everywhere. They will seize the government by using these fires as an excuse. – Yes. So what verb does stanus come from? – From the verb stani. From the movie Standing. Well done sir. Yalniz Kurt Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles Sir, the guest you have been waiting for has arrived. Here you go. That’s enough for today. You can go. How you wish. Welcome. Thank you. Thank you. A small gift … …to congratulate your magazine . But it has great meaning. A token of our brotherhood. Thank you so much.

Come on. How did you find our magazine? Successful. Saying that we are making an Islamic magazine… …it is not for everyone to be a Christian missionary. We are ours, don’t worry. By the way … forgive me if I underestimated you a bit. I analyzed you as an ordinary teacher.

You have hidden the main purpose very well with the words of Arabic origin in the content of the magazine. An amazing collage. An amazing camouflage. Although your connection with religion is weak… …you have evaluated our journal like an expert. Congratulations. I analyze every move of my partners well.

You have the religion key in your hand. In mine… …money. We will do great things with these two keys. I can understand from your comments how accurate… …the positive feedback I have conveyed to our American friends about you. Soon the capital will change hands in Turkey.

We are already devoted to the ukba. We have nothing to do with money. But I’m sure we’ll see you… …in very important places. Your visit made us very happy. Greetings to all friends. We are always welcome. Thanks. Good luck in your work. Teacher! Tell me, my son. They saw Davut Bahadır around the house.

I wanted to present. This has been after me since Erzurum. Davut Bahadır’s time is passing. He knows this himself. Before the curse faded, it was a scolding. Let’s be less. He’s now … cornered. Like a sneaky, wild, barbaric wolf. He seizes his opportunity and tries to bite it. But in vain.

I took such a piece of him off. He will never forget this blow for the rest of his life. Is there a tabarruk bro? Yes, but delivery to the address. Here you go, Halit. Get it cleaned up. What happened Khalid? Why don’t you drink? I got excited for a moment… …that’s why bro. Hodja Effendi wants to see you. Teacher. Come on, Khalid. Sit down baby, sit down. Sit down.

In the presence of the world, your tongue… …it is necessary to respect your heart in the presence of your guardians. The faithful servants of Allah look with the light of Allah. And they become familiar with the hidden secrets of the heart . I’ve been watching you for a while. Both materially… …and spiritually biiznillah. You are a smart, smart young man. And you come from a very clean denomination. You are smart. You can sense things that will benefit you. But… …you’re stuck in a past full of lies. Be comfortable. Relax, don’t be afraid of us. If you have anything to fear, it is to be hostile towards the saints of Allah.

Yalniz Kurt Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 32 Urdu Subtitles

Have you ever seen evil from us? Did you see that we took a gun in our hands? I didn’t see it, sir. We have been eating our bread for a long time. Isn’t it time to give us a chance, Halit Efendi? I’ve seen betrayal. I saw the eye of the traitor. I saw the fires coming out of the dragon’s mouth . What story are you telling me? I don’t believe anything you say. I don’t believe you either.

Don’t expect me to believe your lie that I grew up on the streets. In her eyes, in her demeanor… …that I see on her wrist… …that I hear when she speaks… Yalniz Kurt Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles …the voice from her heart tells me it’s not. I hear the voice of a commander raising you and guiding you.

Can you hear the anger inside me too? I hear it, but I don’t believe it’s real. Because it was taught to you too. It’s true, they taught me a lot. But anger… …it can’t be taught. Facts… …truths can be taught. And when you find out, you see the world in another color. Do you know what color the world I see when I look at you? It’s not believable.

Don’t tell. blood color. Blood red. Can you tell me a fact that will prevent me from killing you right now? You need me. You say facts, but you live in dreams. Yalniz Kurt Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles Right now it seems like you need me more. Here is your mistake. You are only looking at the visible. Yalniz Kurt Episode 19 in Urdu Subtitles They cheated on you like this for years. What the eye sees is not always real.

There are other truths behind the apparent. Like what? You have entered a path starting from Doğan. You have found my order. I know it’s uncomfortable. But despite that, you never dismissed Mira. Because you only had one goal.


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