Yalnız Kurt Episode 17 in Urdu Subtitles

Hey! Dim owl! There is no such time here. It’s your first one. Yes. Obviously the first. But your façade is correct. Why are you here? The Chief of Police came to his feet. Not even I can save you. Dominant brain death is 100% suicide? Yes. All the evidence points to it. Are you sure? Could it be murder? If it was murder, you’d be the prime suspect. By the time I got in, it was all over. It’s obvious at autopsy. There are few procedures left legally. After that… …I’ll let you go. But when I come out, the question will be certain. What should you do? I cannot hide that I was there at the time of the incident. I will explain the situation in another way. Get the news. First, tell me something. Can you make me believe? At noon today, a heavy criminal… …committed suicide with his own licensed gun at the Istanbul Courthouse. While the investigation on the subject is ongoing , we have received information that a person was detained at the crime scene… …the details of which are in our bulletin soon.

اکیلا بھیڑیا قسط نمبر 17

They got rid of the judge. Who is next? I don’t get into this kind of stuff. They handle these things from above. I thought they assigned you to the next execution. It means I was wrong. You were wrong. I am not sure. Don’t try to take things with my mouth other than what I said to you. There’s no deal. What is this panic? Who is your target? Brave man. You stepped on it, Ömer Ağa. How did you know, you said you are brave? Did the commander say something?

No. It’s obvious in your eyes. He is brave. That’s right… …I’m afraid he’ll get a job on his own. I hope he doesn’t shoot himself in the absence of the commander. Davut Bahadır watches his every step. If I hadn’t known it was, I wouldn’t have felt comfortable. – I need to talk to the Circassian Director. – Yes, sir. You always do the most unexpected. For once… …you don’t stand still. I like to surprise people. Isn’t that actually a paradox? – How? – By always surprising people… …you’re not actually surprising. Everyone is guessing they will do something different. Thus, there is no surprise. Yes, they guess. But they don’t know what to do. Let’s see if you can be as comfortable… …as you explain what happened to number five . The judge who brought the order in has disappeared .

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I think he will be pleased. He doesn’t like anything that happens outside of his own plans. Wasn’t that what blackmail was for? You underestimate me. On the contrary, I care. I’m just thinking about the reaction of number five. Should we use the name Beyazıt Yenişehir… …even if we don’t call it number five anymore? Wouldn’t it be better? Impossible. Unless he himself grants you that privilege… …you cannot use his name. Brother! According to the police report, the judge committed suicide. Sooner or later… …everything Nizamettin Köz wants will happen. What he doesn’t want comes after him. – What’s the matter? – Altay Kurdoğlu was with the judge at the time of his death, brother.


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