Dokuz Oguz Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles free

I have something to say. Dokuz Oguz Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles free Something really important. Özgür. There’s something I have to finish. If you have to make a decision… …I’ll understand whatever you choose to do. – Are you OK? – Yes, fine. – Are you sure? – Positive. Go on. Go on, go. Can we go to Çankaya? – Hello? – Guess where I am, darling.

– Where are you, Burak? – In Ankara. You’re in Ankara? Özgür? What’s up, son? Mum, we got an offer to play in Istanbul. So? We’re leaving tonight. You mean for the New Year? Is that it? No, mum. A regular job actually. The money’s really good. And I’ll get a flat with the guys. Özgür, I haven’t got in your way before and I don’t want to start now.

Dokuz Oguz Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles free

Özgür, look. But you aren’t well, son. Huh? – Mum, I’m fine. – Neriman, don’t waste your breath! He’s packed his bags, made his plans, his friends are waiting. – We don’t have any say! – Just calm down. – Dad, look.. – Son, you’re sick! Dad, I’ve spent enough time in hospitals. This life is mine. So is the risk. Now lay off me. Please just lay off. Ah, you have a life! Well, we don’t, damn it!

Just look at your mum. Is Özgür OK? Has he taken his pills? Have they called from school? Has he passed out somewhere? – YıImaz. – Hold on! You know what it’s like… …to think you might not come back every time you walk through that door? – Call that “life”?! – So is it my fault, dad? – You think I wanted it like this? – Son, your boundaries are clear!

– And you can’t step beyond them. – What are those boundaries, dad? Huh? Let’s hear it! A life between hospital and the photograph studio? I don’t want. I don’t want a life like that, dad! – What do you want then? – Stop it! To die in some bar? You want that?! – For goodness sake! – Quiet, Neriman!

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I’ve wanted a safe life for him since he was a child! I’ve tried to get him a profession, some security! I wanted him to be able to stand on his own feet if we weren’t around. Is that what you’re rebelling against? See it how you like. I’m going dad. I’m sorry, mum. Özgür? Are you… Walk through that door and you no longer exist for me! I didn’t want to come over and disturb everyone first thing. – When shall we meet? –

Dokuz Oguz Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles free

I’ll be ready in an hour. – Let’s meet then at Cafemiz. OK? – OK, honey. I’m serious, don’t drink anything from an open bottle in bars and places. OK, İnci. Don’t worry. Say you don’t feel right there. Just come straight back. Mum, I’m not going for good, you know. You know of anyone from Ankara who’s gone to Istanbul and come back? – İnci. We’re running late, sis. – C’mon, or I’ll miss the train, mum. –

It’s no good like that. – It’s fine. Perfect. OK then. Uncle. – Look after mum for me, OK? – Don’t you worry. C’mon! Don’t be late! – Call as soon as you arrive. – OK. But don’t wait. Go on, go. – Excuse me, is this seat free? – Yes, sure. – Oh, sorry. – Excuse me. – Going to Istanbul? – Yes. Istanbul. Darling? Look what I found at the airport. You never told me about that. You look fabulous. Take a look. – We have to talk. –

Dokuz Oguz Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles free

Sure we’ll talk. In a while. – Burak, don’t do this! – Shh!
If I could rest a little… I’m a seagull. No, I’m not. I’m an actress. Yes. So he’s here, too Well, fine. What can be done? Easy now. Easy. I’ll go round the other side. I’m here. Easy there. OK, let’s go. Let’s go to the Medicana Hospital. Step on it driver. I love him. In fact, I love him more than before. I love him with all my heart. Hopelessly. – Congratulations. It was wonderful.

– Thank you. Hello, Özgür? Hello? Özgür? Hello? Deniz? Burak? Özgür’s in bad shape. We’re on our way to hospital. Hospital? Deniz Usman’s family or friends! If we don’t find a heart fast, we’ll lose Özgür. – What relation are you to her? – I’m her mother. We have the results of the brain scan. I’m afraid she didn’t respond to the function tests performed. In that event, we have to conclude that brain death has occurred.

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ORGAN & TISSUE DONATION CONSENTFORM Great news for you! We’ve found a compatible heart. – Really? – Yes. I’m tired of losing myself as I look for you A colleague will talk to you shortly about the necessary forms. When I think I’ve found you I feel removed from myself This will be a strange farewell Because the truth is you’re always inside me No matter how far I go you’re with me everywhere I’m here my love.

Dokuz Oguz Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles free


There are no words to say You’re going to get better. I’m going Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye I guess I was born with the soul of a mare It’s in my blood to rear up and gallop Goodbye A little water, a little grass Home is everywhere Dokuz Oguz Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles free I carry the world on my back Every language is mine But there are no words to say I’m going Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye

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