Dokuz Oğuz Episode 5 2nd Last Urdu Subtitles free

Our boy also lives in the houses here.Dokuz Oğuz Episode 5 2nd Last Urdu Subtitles free May Allah grant your son a good daughter. Amen, thank you very much. If I’m lucky, when? They say you have to hurry in good deeds, my teacher. That’s why we jumped and came from Trabzon. Azam is a brother who is true to our name.

Dokuz Oğuz Episode 5 2nd Last Urdu Subtitles free

Whoever is in trouble in our neighborhood, he will come to his aid first. It doesn’t turn anyone away. May Almighty Allah always compare him with the good ones. I hope amen. Good evening. Good evening, sir, have a good evening. – Greetings. Be my guest. Where is Azam? – Has he arrived yet? No, weren’t you together? No, it’s been a long time since we broke up. He said he would come after Isha.

When you didn’t come, I thought you were together. His job is out. Gee! Are we just going to stand here doing nothing, Dad? Shh! They went. Welcome, Uncle Hikmet. – We found it pleasant, girl, we found it pleasant. Hikmet would have let me know if he had a job! Don’t hate me if you love your God! Huge commissioner man. This is not a child! Uncle Wisdom, should we call?

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That’s why I said to Şerife that my aunt can’t rest without hearing. Melike is telling the truth! What are you waiting for Azam’s call? What will happen to you! Ok ok I will call, but let me take a breath if you love your God! Girl give me a glass of water. Uncle Wisdom right now. Let’s call! – Ugh! Leyla, where have you been, my daughter? We wondered.

Dokuz Oğuz Episode 5 2nd Last Urdu Subtitles free

They didn’t see you, did they? Leyla, did they see my daughter? No, they didn’t. Why did they come? Who did they ask? Who did they look at? Then why did they go? Tell me what happened to my daughter! I did not understand too. They took the next door neighbor and left. Neighbor? – Which neighbor?

There was a guy who insisted on helping us while we were moving the house… Azam. What’s the matter? Don’t be their man. I don’t know. He’s the man of Çağdaş, that’s for sure. Tawakkeli had not caught my eye since the first day. I told you didn’t I? Dad, I never saw that man next to Çağdaş.

He is not one of those who come and go to the villa. Girl, tell me this completely. Did they take this Azam man by force or did he go voluntarily? I don’t understand And why are you so obsessed with this, Tayfur? What will happen if they take them by force, what will happen if they go voluntarily? What do you mean, Narin? If he went voluntarily, we would know that they are in cooperation.

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But if they took it by force, things change. How? They interrogate the man, son! Dad, what is it to us? Dokuz Oğuz Episode 5 2nd Last Urdu Subtitles free Azam doesn’t know about us. Yes, dad. Well done Naren. – What happened again? Finally, you have spread your comfort to the children. It’s better than inconvenience. Mom!

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Okay, okay Do you think about such coincidence? No. There’s a job here. What should we do, Tayfur? Shall we leave the house and run away? No, it creates doubt. I don’t have much time. Dokuz Oğuz Episode 5 2nd Last Urdu Subtitles free That’s why it would be in your best interest to tell everything right away. Where is the one you stole from me? Steal? What are you talking about? Where did I say what you stole from me?

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