Dokuz Oguz Episode 1 Urdu Subtitle free

You are the Lizard who took the Dokuz Oguz Episode 1 Urdu Subtitle free place of your dead brother. Aha, does it say [ __ ] here? Brother, are you crazy? I just found out you have a brother. Really? Heh huh. Then open your arms! What are you doing? Show me your open jacket and we’ll see if the tattoo on your arm stays put. Do you want a tattoo, you want to see this! Get it, get it!

Come on, do you have a tattoo there hee! Are you relaxed now! Is this really Ahmet Şimşek? Then, was I out of my engagement because of Ahmet Şimşek, not because of Lizard? Good thing we got the tattoo removed. Come on bro, thank you. Wait a minute, Ahmet Şimşek, then explain this to me.

Since you are a self-made teacher. Then why did this notorious mobster called Socrates follow you? I don’t know, maybe it’s because they look like that Lizard guy, okay? I’m complaining about you and that Unsal Commissar clown. We will meet. Do your best! Look at the moves.

Dokuz Oguz Episode 1 Urdu Subtitle free

Yaa exactly the same, how can the same not be buried!, Hey yaa! Oh my god, let someone stop! So I have a brother huh? Well, how can this be, wow. My brother Ahmet, it is for nothing that we are not so alike. Well, how do I not know about you, my brother, what kind of life is this? I wonder if you weren’t aware of my existence?

Even if you already knew, you would be upset, wouldn’t you? Do you regret that you have an outlaw brother? After all, you have become a well-educated teacher. Dokuz Oguz Episode 1 Urdu Subtitle free Besides, you are a teacher of religion. Dokuz Oguz Episode 1 Urdu Subtitle This is not over, son, I’ll catch you, man! Of course. He’s running after him quickly, scan that land thoroughly. What kind of a man are you.


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Because of you, my supervisor became an outlaw, I lost my engagement, but nothing happened to you. Damn that’s enough! I’m Ahmet Şimşek. I have nothing to do with the lizard! Who are you kidding! Colony? Yes, sir, this is the colony, But I had to learn this twin sister conversation, Dokuz Oguz Episode 1 Urdu Subtitle free Ünsal. Otherwise it would be my great pleasure to have you caught there. damn! Hop hop hop hop! If I were you, I would run away without looking back, Ünsal. Because, as Ahmet Şimşek, I am a normal citizen. But now you’re a notorious fugitive. In other words, things turned upside down, Ünsal.

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