Dokuz Oguz Episode 6 Last Urdu Subtitles free

No, okay, I’ll take care of it. Dokuz Oguz Episode 6 Last Urdu Subtitles freeOkay fine. Well, Mr. Üstün did not come. They do not have the habit of not keeping their income promise. Come, let’s sit. Tea? – It is possible. Shall we have two teas? It’s sweet. How did your paths cross with this Çağdaş Varlı? He had posted a piano teacher post for his daughter, so I applied. It’s a bad fit. I don’t understand Look, if there’s anything I need to know about Çağdaş, please let me know.

Who are you, what are you talking about? I did not understand. You understand very well, my dear. And you know very well who I am. Forgive me for disappointing you. Dreams Algeria… …realities Tatavlali. I sent the flowers specifically from Ekabir’s shop. Just in case you think it came from your ex-husband. Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to meet. Isn’t it so, dear? Enough of this nonsense. I am going. You looked. He has a message for you.

Dokuz Oguz Episode 6 Last Urdu Subtitles free

If you get the message now… …you may have a chance to stop what they’re going to do . Oh, no… …if you say it’s none of my business… …you will lose a lot. Tell me. The messenger will not fail. my dear. [Music Plays] I told you if you’re smart, you’ll blow my mind. do you remember man? huh? You lost your chance. Now it’s my turn . That’s it, kid. It’s over. You can’t get rid of me from now on. What a pity. Your uncle will be very upset with you. Isn’t it? But what do you do… …in a seventeen year, let him grieve for you. [Music Plays] Kill. Die, slay! How? If you want to beg, huh.

You beg me with one bullet to your head… …let me finish you off. No pain, what do you say? Ha? Come on beg! Come on beg! Huh… Dokuz Oguz Episode 6 Last Urdu Subtitles free…no way. You can’t talk can you? What a pity. Well, okay. Point it then. huh? I gave up, say. Give up. Come on. Give up. Give up! [Music Playing] What the hell are you doing, Ekabir? You heard it. My mission is to kill Algeria. Come on hit it. If you don’t shoot me, I will shoot Algeria. Since you drew the gun… …you fired the bullet… …you will shoot, my son. Let’s send. Let this be over.

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Turquoise! [Music Playing] [Gunshot] And Selamunaleykum Sabit Efendi. What happened? When you wanted to go hunting, you hunted. [Music Playing] Are you okay, lad? I am very good. I am also very good. Dokuz Oguz Episode 6 Last Urdu Subtitles freeWhat is that? Algeria sent you as babysitter? Family is important. You will protect your family. But you couldn’t, you couldn’t. You are stable. That’s how you talk to him. We told you. At least we said take care of your remaining child… …protect him, but. You know, Fixed.

I don’t know if you think you’re going to lose him too . It’s up to you. But just so you know… there’s no forgiveness for the next one, Constant. [Music Playing] Steady away from our family. Dokuz Oguz Episode 6 Last Urdu Subtitles freeLet this be our last warning to you. Ok? Be smart Steady. Give your name justice. Don’t show up again. [Music Playing] Ya. You… …why did you go out? You will be so cold. Don’t do that. Get in. If only. Useless effort. I was going to tell you… …don’t come here again. Is it possible? Me… …know me dead again. sage.

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While working at Çağdaş’s house, did you witness anything strange? What kind of event? Something unusual. No. Dokuz Oguz Episode 6 Last Urdu Subtitles freeCagdas’ house was robbed. he is also looking for the robbers. How? Who robbed? Not sure. No clues? You are the police. Couldn’t find a trace, a clue, something? There is something, you never mind. You don’t have to worry about these, I told you to be careful. Men like Contemporary are not sinister. How? Superior bro.

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– What’s up guys, hello. Do not be disturbed do not be disturbed. Look, you have a beautiful place, beautiful people. Let’s say goodbye to three hundred thousand, huh? It says three hundred… Dokuz Oguz Episode 6 Last Urdu Subtitles freeThey gave me three hundred and fifty, my son. Not possible. All right, let it be three hundred and fifty to us. It ‘s not worth a penny less than four hundred and fifty anyway, my knees hurt. It’s going to rain for sure. You will say what does it matter?

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