Sipahi Episode 8 Final Urdu Subtitles free

What will happen when I tell you, Sipahi Episode 8 Final Urdu Subtitles free you will die anyway, never mind! What happened, Ünsal, did your conscience dry up, did you leave humanity? So what if you tell me? Is the last wish of a person close to death not fulfilled? Don’t cry, I’ll tell you.

The DNA of Ahmet Şimşek, which I took from the cemetery, was the same as yours. Damn idiot, do you think I won’t get those samples from the cemetery? I changed them all. Do you think you’re so smart, man? Do you think I didn’t anticipate that you would change those samples? I went and bought new ones from the cemetery.

Sipahi Episode 8 Final Urdu Subtitles free

Wow jackal, you surprised me, eh? Of course, that wouldn’t be enough for me to prove you’re a Lizard. The sample in the cemetery and the DNA record we have were required for you as well. I went to your house and got your toothbrush. Did you take my toothbrush? You were very confident, weren’t you?

According to your plan, we would understand that you would be dead when the DNA taken from the cemetery was the same as your DNA, right? While I was waiting for your toothbrush record and the DNA in the cemetery to be different, the samples I took from the cemetery and the samples I took from your house were the same.

So Ahmet Şimşek is your twin brother. Let me be Arab if I understand something. Don’t be sad, you will go to your brother now, son. There you will be longing to your heart’s content, it will tell you everything broadly. Sorry. Ünsal is about to kill the inspector Lizard, shall we go and neutralize Ünsal? No, we need Ünsal too. I need both.

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But sir, the man is determined to kill the Lizard. It’s okay, Lizard defends himself from Unsal. Well sir. What happened, is your Unsal magazine empty? What would you expect, what are you looking at, what are you looking at? Sipahi Episode 8 Final Urdu Subtitles free Did you think I’d leave the clip to you when the damn maniac was struggling so much? Here’s the magazine. Now you’re wondering why the police didn’t arrest you.

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