Yalniz Kurt Episode 12 in Urdu Subtitles

May Allah accept my aunt. Thank you, my son. What happened bro? I found it, I found it, I found the approach. Brother? Schist. Brother give it to me. Brother, leave it to us. Brother, I love your eyes. Brother, were you a miner in the army? What are you doing Zafer? Mine drop this. Oh, stay here! Brother! Brother! Wow, asli was the wolf. A wolf cub becomes a wolf. It’s almost time for iftar, Altay. Brother, I will not leave you, brother! Brother! Brother is counting down! Brother! The task is complete. You can now take it to the consulate. Ooo tough boy he. OK, mission done. I got a little tired of you, okay I’m safe.

Yalnız Kurt Episode 12

Code seventy-four active. Seventy-four? Code seventy four. Received. Good night everyone. Did they shoot the evil eye? Bigger bomb. Is this what I’m thinking? I don’t know what you’re thinking. I think you know. It’s a procedure that’s always talked about… …but never implemented. Code seventy four. Isn’t it interesting? This is much more than interesting. More than that. It’s your turn.

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Don’t you know me too bro? I don’t know anyone with this killer in my hands. I told you to let it go. Now! Look, if you kill him, you’ll finish me off too. Leave it will go live! -Download that gun. You leave the man too. Born is right. You, what are you doing here? What happened? Confused? Look, brother, there are no more secrets between us. I’ll explain everything okay? But first you have to trust me. Leave the man. We have to drive right. Where are you Evil Eye? What are you doing?


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