Who Was Alaeddin Bey || History Of Alaeddin Ghazi 1299

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Establishment Osman, one of the popular TV series of ATV, comes to the screen with its new episode. New names have been added to the cast of the series. The audience accelerated their research on Alaeddin Bey. So, who is the Foundation Osman Alaeddin Bey? Here is the life of Alaeddin Ali Bey, son of Osman Gazi.
Establishment Who is Osman Alaeddin Bey? The life of Alaeddin Ali Bey, son of Osman Gazi

Who Was Alaeddin Bey
Who Was Alaeddin Bey

The life and death of Alaeddin Bey, son of Osman Gazi, is being wondered. The most important performance of Alaeddin Bey, the son of Osman Gazi, is the activities he carried out in the administrative and military organization of the Ottoman Principality. Followers of the series, Establishment Who is Osman Alaeddin Bey, when did he live? Here is the life of Alaeddin Ali Bey , son of Osman Gazi …

His name is also mentioned in the sources as Ali and Ali Erden. Information about him is incomplete due to lack of resources and contradictions in available resources. However, his name is mentioned as Alaeddin in his charter. He is most likely a younger brother of Orhan Bey’s parents.

Who Was Alaeddin Bey

Until the last days of his father, he sometimes stayed with his grandfather Sheikh Edebali in Bilecik and sometimes with his father in Yenişehir. After the death of Osman Gazi, he probably became the commander of the army for a while, after his elder brother Orhan became the principal with the alliance of the chiefs of the ahis, but then he went into seclusion. According to a rumor, Orhan,

who was an army commander while his father was alive, refused the offer of the “chief” and his father’s inheritance; he was content only with buying the Kotra (Kudra) land in the Kete region of Bursa.

But Alaeddin BeyIt is known that he was the army commander in the war in Maltepe between Orhan Gazi and the Byzantine Emperor Andronikos. As a matter of fact, the expression “emîr-i kebîr mujahid fî sabilullah (…) avni’l-guzât ve’l-mücahidîn” in his endowment dated 1333 confirms this qualification.

According to a rumor, Alaeddin Bey died in Biga Castle in 1333 (see Mehmed Raşid, v. 24b-26a). His grave is in his father’s tomb in Bursa.

There is a lodge in Bursa’s Kükürtlü district and two mosques at the beginning of the hot spring. The names of his grandchildren are mentioned in a land registry book of Bursa foundations dated 928 (1522). In some sources, the title of Alaeddin, who was confused with another Alaeddin Pasha who lived in that period and was not a member of the dynasty, is “bey” both in the charter and in the cadastral register.

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The most important performance of Alaeddin Bey was the activities he carried out in the administrative and military organization of the Ottoman Principality. During his command of the army,

he changed the color of the soldiers’ headdresses from red to white in order to distinguish the Ottoman soldiers from the soldiers of other Anatolian principalities. Although the organization of the other units of the army, even the establishment of the divan organization in the Ottomans,

the wearing of twisted turbans in the divan and the printing of money are attributed to Alâeddin Bey, it is not possible to give a definitive judgment about them for now.

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