Abu Jafir Al-Mansur Episode 22 in Urdu Subtitles

Welcome, Abu Muslim. Welcome. You did well by coming here. Please come in. Come on in. Excuse me, Sir. Nobody can go in to see the Caliph carrying a sword. Peace be upon the Emir of the Believers. Peace and blessings be upon you, too. Didn’t the Chief of the Guard tell you to leave all your weapons outside? He took my sword, My Lord. Take off the rest of your weapons, Abu Muslim. You are in Abu Jaafar’s presence. I heard you looted a gold studded sword from my uncle Abdullah in Damascus. Congratulations on this sword, Abu Muslim. Sit down. Why did you write to Issa bin Moussa to dissent from me? Why did you rode ahead of me in the Pilgrimage caravan when I was… the Successor? And why do you put your name before mine in correspondence, when I am the Caliph? And why do you call me by my first name without a title? And how could you claim to be a pure descendant of the Abbasids, and dare insult us? And why were you slow to pledge allegiance to me when you came to offer me your condolences on my brother’s death? You consoled me, but you didn’t congratulate me on the Caliphate? Suleiman bin Katheer, why did you kill him despite knowing that he was one of our most important chieftains? And I had warned you against killing him before. The Emir of the Believers gave me orders to kill anyone I suspect. Don’t you ever suspect your own intentions, Abu Muslim? Don’t you ever suspect your own intentions? Why did you urge them to breach their agreement with Ibn Hubaira? Why? And why did you decide to leave to Khorasan all of a sudden, without informing us or taking our permission? What were you up to? Forget about all that, My Lord. I’ve never been afraid of anyone but God. You can’t say this to me after all the things I did.

ابو جعفر المنصور قسط نمبر 22

You did everything you did in our State and under our rule. If it were up to you, you wouldn’t stop at that. May God bless my late brother Ibrahim. If he had sent a black slave woman to Khorasan instead of you, she would’ve done what you did and more. It’s our name that created this State, you sly thing. I’ll be damned if I don’t kill you. Ibn Naheek. Won’t you save me for your enemies, My Lord? Do you think I have an enemy worse than you? You’ve put yourself in a tough position, Abu Muslim. Abu Muslim, the Mawla of Abu Moussa Al-Sarraj. God bless you. Are you out of your minds? Only God Almighty can kill Abu Muslim,. But it was Al-Mansour who killed him. Al-Mansour? Al-Mansour! – Why did you stop? – I’m afraid he’d have me killed. What? But he guaranteed your safety. Otherwise, he’ll be in breach of the pledge of allegiance by Muslims, as was stated in Ibn Al-Muqaffaa’s letter. Like he guaranteed the safety of Ibn Hubaira and Abu Muslim? Abdullah, you are his uncle. If he didn’t keep his promise, he would only get to you over our dead bodies. Man up, Abdullah, we’re all in the same boat. Let’s go, Abdullah. Let’s go. Peace be upon the Emir of the Believers. Peace and blessings be upon you, too. We brought to you… – Ibn Naheek. – My Lord. I’ll deal with each of you separately. Take them to jail. Please have mercy! Forgive me this time. If it was only one mistake, I would forgive you for it, Uncle. But you betrayed your nephew and betrayed the Call. And you killed the Khorasani soldiers for no reason. – Take him. – My Lord… I don’t want to hear anything. He almost destroyed the Abbasid House. Actually, he destroyed a part of it. Take him, Othman. Take them all and leave me alone. – You stay, Ishaq. – Yes, My Lord. I will write a decree to remove your father from power, Ishaq. And you will carry that decree yourself. I wish you could send it with someone else, My Lord. You’re a free Abbasid, Ishaq. A free man doesn’t fear blame for doing the right thing. Nor does he stay silent in the face of betrayal, wherever it is. Even if it provoked the anger of those closest to him. Be a free man, Son. Be a free man. It’s kind of you to say that, My Lord. Don’t you want to get married, Ishaq? Me, My Lord? I… I decided to get you married, Son, and to make you my son-in-law. What do you think? Is that true, My Lord? You’re ever so great and generous, My Lord. I will be your faithful servant. Now, excuse me while I go tell my father the good news. Suleiman. Suleiman. Did you see that? Abdullah was right. Abu Jaafar has betrayed him after guaranteeing his safety. No, he didn’t. He guaranteed his safety, but the decree didn’t say anything about his freedom. May God forgive you, Ibn Al-Muqaffaa. May God forgive you! I went around their houses, while the people under their rule in Damascus have gone to sleep. Whoever herds sheep in a land full of lions, and goes to sleep, his sheep will be devoured by lions. Abu Muslim, God doesn’t take a blessing he gave to one of His servants, unless that slave abuses it. Please have mercy, Emir of the Believers. Please have mercy. Shut up, Abu Mujrim! If I had sent a tomcat to Khorasan, it would’ve done the same things you did. Take this. Abu Mujrim, how dare commit betrayal under the rule of Al-Mansour? The most treacherous people were your Kurdish ancestors. Well done, Abu Dulama. This man is so funny, he kills me. My Lord. I gathered the commanders of the Khorasani army. They are waiting for you. You did well, Issa. Let’s go. Let’s go. In the Name of God, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful. Praise be to God, the Only True God, Who has no partners. Soldiers, the swords of Muhammad’s Household, Don’t leave the light of obedience to the darkness of disobedience. And don’t hide secrets. As those who hide forbidden things are bound to be exposed through their actions, or through a slip of the tongue. Abu Muslim had pledged allegiance to us and took people’s pledge on our behalf. But he violated his pledge after that, which warranted his killing. And then he betrayed us again, so we gave him the same sentence he gave to others. Observing justice didn’t stop us, from carrying out the ultimate punishment against him. Long live the Imam! Long live the Imam! So, keep the fear of God before your eyes for your sake and ours. I’m just an executor of God’s will on earth. And I perform my duties with His blessings. And I’m His trustee over His wealth. I divide it with His will and give of it with His permission. Victory to the Imam! Victory to the Imam! Victory to the Imam! Victory to the Imam! Couldn’t the Caliph find anyone else to deliver my letter of dismissal? There’s no harm in that. The messenger has nothing to do with what’s in the letter. Then why did he make you stay when we left? He offered me to marry his daughter Alia. That’s a good price. Price? For what? For your betrayal of your father and uncles. It was you who snitched on your uncle, wasn’t it? If I didn’t snitch, as you call it, you would be in a dungeon underground with my uncles now. Get out of my face! I don’t want to see you. Get out! Why did you slap me, Father? Why? Is it because I love you? My uncle wanted to take you down with him, so I stopped him from doing it. No, Father. I don’t deserve all this anger from you. Abu Jaafar has gotten to you.

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He tricked you without realizing it. He seeks to tear the Abbasids apart to keep the Caliphate for himself and his sons after him. We’re the only ones he’s afraid of when it comes to power. He knows that we’re entitled to this. We are the men of the Call. And we are the most entitled to reap its fruits. That’s why he killed some of us and imprisoned others. And he created a rift between a father and his son. Ishaq. Listen to me, Son. He offered you to marry his daughter, because he wants to have you on a short leash. He wants to take you away from me. You are being unfair to him, Father. You caught the Caliphate fever from my uncle, and now you’re talking like him. One day you will know, Ishaq, that I know my nephew better than anyone else. – Who are you? – Take your veil off. Come on. Then you’re the man wanted by the Emir of the Believers. You’re Maen bin Zaeda. Come on. You will go with me to the Emir of the Believers, so I may collect the prize he offered to whoever captures you. How much is that prize? 1,000 Dinars. 1,000 Dinars. Wait, Brother, wait. This necklace is worth much more than the Emir’s prize. What if I give it to you so that you’ll let me go? And you won’t be the reason behind killing me. That’s right. This necklace is worth much more than the prize. But I won’t accept it until I ask you about something. If you tell me the truth, I will let you go. – Ask whatever you want. – People said you were generous, so did you give all your money away? – No. – What about half of it? Not that either. What about the tenth? – Yes. – Al-Mansour pays me 20 Dirhams every month, and this necklace is worth thousands of Dinars. I give it to you and give you a chance at life for your famed generosity, and so that you’ll know that there are more generous people than you, so don’t get too arrogant. Hold on, Brother. You truly embarrassed me. Being killed would be easier on me than hearing your words, and seeing what you did. I hope you will accept my gift. I really don’t need it Do you mean to negate what I said? I swear I won’t take it, and I won’t take a price for a good deed I’ve done. What are you thinking about, My Lord? Years are going by and I haven’t captured the third culprit, Issa. I don’t understand, My Lord. The mutiny against our rule was based on three men: Abu Muslim, my uncle Abdullah, and the sons of Ali. We have gotten hold of Abu Muslim, and my uncle Abdullah too. The only ones left are the sons of Ali, and then I can focus on building this Kingdom. Yes, My Lord. The only ones left are the sons of Al-Mahd. That’s it, Issa. That’s it. And know that injustice is darkness. So, don’t give in to any tyrant and don’t submit to any despotic ruler. – Peace be upon you. – Peace be upon you too. Remain seated. Peace and blessings be upon you, too. Remain seated, you’re at the Mosque.


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